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Looking to hire a land train for your family fun day or shopping centre event?

Our Bespoke Land Trains are a fun and exciting attraction for people of all ages. We provide trains for all types of events, including family fun days, corporate events and shopping centre events. Our Drinks trains are great fun for Christmas parties and a brilliant piece of Christmas party entertainment.

Our ride on trains is a great form of entertainment for children and children’s parties as they are not just fun but can be very educational. We have many types of trains such as our express trains and also themed ride on trains for hire in the UK and London.

Our drinks train comes with over 50 metres of track and can be built in your office building. We lay the track, fill the train with drinks and can even supply themed train drivers for your Christmas party, Halloween event and more. We have decorated trains to specific briefs before such as our “Polar Express” train.

We provide mobile land trains for events up and down the country for events of any size. We can also brand land trains for your specific company for a corporate event.

With over 50 metres of track, we can design specific ideas according to your requirements. The track also takes no time at all to set up and take down and makes the experience all the more fun and will make it an all-round authentic experience that everyone can enjoy as a family.



This got us thinking about how much ‘stuff’ our industry uses – the sets, stages, props, graphic panels etc. So here is the question: how do we create these props sustainably and what do we do with them after the event has finished? Read our article about Better Air and The Champions of Sustainability: here! … Continued

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