Nothing brings an event together better than a Creative Event Theme. By theming your event you can tie together lots of different elements from props to catering and even entertainment, and create an experiential and interactive event!

Additionally, a theme encourages your guests to become really involved in your event and it generates a buzz of excitement in preparation for the big party.

We have created a guide of our favourite Themed Events and some brilliant solutions on how to include these Creative Event Themes into your next party or special event.

Venue transformed into a cool Winter Wonderland space using snowflake uplighting and winter prop hire as part of our Creative Event Theming.

Halloween Event Theme

Arguably one of our favourite themes due to its endless opportunities and versatility! From a celebratory Day of The Dead Themed Party to an American Horror story Freak-show theme or our favourite, a traditional Monster Mash party filled with Vampires, Ghosts and pumpkins.

This theme allows for your creative juices to flow. Include spooky lighting, cobwebs a plenty and a killer playlist to ensure you’ll be The ghostess with the mostest!

Group of friends at Halloween themed event posing in photo booth area holding giant Halloween body prop.

Festival Event Theme

Summer is about being outside, listening to good music and seeing friends (even if this means from a social distance). Festival theming incorporates all of these things and more. String up brightly coloured bunting, prepare all of your favourite festival food (or even better get a food truck involved) and of course create an area for your live band to play!

We love this theme as it can be done large or small scale no matter the budget. Plus is a great way to celebrate the summer months.

Colourful marquee decorated with festival themed decorations as part of Creative Event Theme at a corporate festival event

Sports Event Theme

Maybe you’re football mad and keep on reminiscing about the summer of 2018, or perhaps your favourite event in the sporting calendar is Wimbledon? Whatever your sporting preference, by theming your event around it you can guarantee a fun and lively atmosphere.

Why not include a court or pitch into your set up and invite sporting freestylers to impress your guests!

Marquee decorated with Wimbledon themed props for a tennis loving client's birthday. Using our creative Event Theming we came up with a concept of client loved

Alice in Wonderland Event Theme

Ok, so we like to think we do the Alice in Wonderland theme pretty well so we want to share some tips in how to pull off this creative event theme.

Firstly you need to set the scene so make sure you’ve got some great props, I’m talking about a tea-party banquet table and confusing signs. Secondly, you have to get the lighting just right, think psychedelic bright and slightly dizzying at times! Thirdly, to bring your event to life, why not hire your very own Mad Hatter to mingle amongst guests or perhaps even the Queen of Hearts demanding people’s heads!

We transformed this London venue into a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland with our Creative event theming. Featuring a giant tea party and Alice in wonderland props.

Sci-Fi Event Theme

There are so many genres to choose from when you’re considering a Sci-Fi themed party. Are you going to go futuristic or are you going to base it off of your favourite film or series? Get your guests really involved by encouraging them to dress up as their favourite sci-fi hero (or villain!).

Make sure you’ve set the scene by transforming your event space with the best sci-fi props. If you want to really impress your guests why not choreograph an epic fight scene between good and evil, either with your friends or hired stuntmen.

To theme this  creative event we used a variety of resources including transforming our clients venue into a set from Alien and inviting walkabout characters to meet and greet guests.

Roaring 20s Event Theme

One theme that has continued to gain popularity within the last few years is the Roaring 20s Peaky Blinder Theme. Everyone loves a 1920’s inspired party and by incorporating the Peaky Blinders into this it appeals to everyone attending your party.

It goes without saying that you should encourage your guests to dress up. The costumes of the 1920s are full of glitz and glamour and who could resist travelling back to a time full of thrills. Why not create your own moonshine bar or make a section of your pub look like The Garrison.

Our Client chose a roaring 20s theme as their Creative event theme at their corporate Gala Dinner. We used 1920s props and colour theming to transform their venue.

Christmas Event Theme

We couldn’t do a list of our favourite creative themes without incorporating Christmas, could we! Whether you’re thinking full-on Buddy inspired Christmas fever or a less Christmas, more Winter Wonderland inspired setting there are so many ways you can celebrate this festive season.

Get your guests to dress up, whatever their style! You could embrace ugly Christmas jumpers, or something a bit swankier. Don’t forget to provide props for your guests, ’tis the season for donning some reindeer antlers or a Santa hat! And most importantly decorate. Whether that’s garish bright 70s style tinsel and foil decorations or a venue filled with Christmas trees and fake snow, make sure your guests feel like they’re surrounded by festivities!

Using our Creative Event Theming we transformed this empty venue into a Winter Wonderland. Using a Winter Wonderland backdrop with Giant Polar bear prop and Christmas trees to decorate a Christmas Gala dinner.

We hope we have inspired you with some ideas on how you can incorporate a creative theme into your next event! Check out our Themed Events page for more Creative Event Theming!

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