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Hire Famous Singers and Celebrity Musicians

Looking for the biggest and best musicians, live bands and famous singers for hire in the UK?

Book one of our amazing music act guest speakers for your next event! We have a range of talented musicians, solo acts, live bands, dancers and DJs that can be booked as celebrity guest speakers, famous singers, performers or guest hosts for hire. You can hire these amazing celebrity artists and famous singers to give your guests that backstage access to the behind the scenes of the music industry.

Well Known Celebrity Artists, Musicians and DJs

We offer our selection of celebrity artists, musicians and live bands. You can book these musicians for festivals, motivational events, corporate parties, wedding and much more. Why not add a hint of fame into your next event and introduce your guest to some of the most talented guest speakers, famous singers and DJs available in the music industry?

Not only is it great fun meeting musicians in the music industry but hearing these talented musicians for hire speak about their rich history in the entertainment industry is inspiring. You can book these celebrity artists and musicians to not the only guest speak at your event but you can hire them to dance, DJs, sing or perform for you and your guest!

How To Hire Musicians or Famous Singers

Perfect for festivals, these celebrity artists, musicians and DJs for hire are the flawless addition to any music event with their armoury of guest speaking abilities. Are you a fan of Britain’s Got Talent? Well through Julia Charles Event Management you can book some of the UK’s most talented musicians to have featured on the show! Dancers, singers, DJs, musicians and entertainers that are all available for hire for events in London, the UK and internationally!

Why Hire Live Bands and DJs?

Your event will certainly be the talk of the town when you hire one of our celebrity artists or musicians for hire to appear at your next corporate or entertainment event. All of our amazing famous singers can be booked for UK events by simply picking up the phone or sending over an email!

Live bands are the perfect choice for many events as they are an alternative and unique option to standard music. We have a variety of live bands and musicians available for you to hire, from brass live bands to rock live bands.

DJs are a great way of keeping you gets entertained throughout the event. DJs will play a range of different music to suit the needs of your event and therefore DJs can tailor music to each and every one of your guest’s needs. We have a range of DJs and famous singers/celebrity artists available to hire.

Looking for the hottest music acts for hire in the UK? Then here you go! We offer some of the most talented and exclusive solo music act guest speakers that you can hire for your next event. You can bring the music straight from the radio to the main stage of your next music-based event by hiring one of our high-end solo music acts for hire.

All of our solo music acts are extremely talented in both music and guest speaking with a rich career in the music industry, making them the perfect addition to any event based around music and entertainment. Our celebrity guest speakers are all experienced in guest speaking with a skill for entertaining large audiences, you can book these acts to entertain you and your guests in London and the UK as well as globally.

Book through Julia Charles to experience some of the most breathtaking guest speakers and celebrities for hire at your next event. Our celebrities for hire are profoundly talented at both entertaining and performing for a crowd which makes them ideal for all events such as corporate, wedding, festival, shows and more.

We offer some of the top-charting artists for hire such as superstar Jessie J, music legend Bob Dylan and top solo artist Calvin Harris! You can hire all of the solo musicians to appear at any event of your choosing by simply calling up and booking your favourite artist!

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