Fagin & Dodge Walkabout

Our Christmas meet and greet is perfect for Victorian events, this Fagin and Dodge walkabout act take to the streets in this Dickensian tale. Theatrical and engaging, this duo charms their way into audiences hearts.

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  •  UK’s leading street act
  •  16 years of experience
  •  Won at Milan Festival
  •  Performed in over 22 countries
  •  Highly entertaining and interactive
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Watch our fagin and dodge walkabout act right here!

This Christmas meet and greet showcases their comedy within this video, walking around and entertaining strangers in the street. Our 18th-century act will certainly be something your guests will remember, take a look at their video.

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It’s straight out of Oliver Twist. There is a reason why Dickens is one of our greatest writers and to see these two stilt characters in real life, 9 feet tall, always means they bring life to a Victorian event or Christmas party.

Victorian events have popped up everywhere recently and finding an act that doesn’t seem too Victorian contrived is difficult. Our Fagin and Dodge walkabout act are great because of their comedy. They are filthy Dickensian characters but they think they are Kings. The Dickensian humour that spews forth is delightful and really animates Victorian events, Christmas events and Dickensian themed festivals.

This themed entertainment creates a welcoming, fun, interactive environment. This comedic act has travelled across the country bringing their Dickensian humour and delight, making any audience simply stop and star at what they will perform.

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