VIP Headline Package

Our VIP Headline Package is a Virtual Party Experience hosted from a green screen studio with a CGI background. We offer both LIVE and Pre-Recorded options to allow for maximum customisation.

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What’s Included In Our VIP Headline Package?

  • 4x Acts (shows, performers, entertainment)
  • 1x Virtual Party Host
  • Virtual Green Screen Studio
  • Either Pre-Recorded or Livestreamed

We hire out a Green Screen Studio with our production team to enable us to live-stream or record a ‘Virtual Show’ for you to enjoy at your Virtual Party.

Our team book out professional shows, performers and entertainers to perform at our Green Screen Studio, following a specific running order that works in a similar way to a traditional event. Our Virtual Parties work the same as a traditional physical event, it is just experienced virtually.

Guests can choose to sit and watch the Virtual Party or can participate and interact with the performers on the screen, whether the Virtual Party is LIVE or pre-recorded.

Participants log in (to Zoom or alternative platform) at a specific time and the Host kicks it all off by introducing the first act, interacting with the audience and more!

Clients can also book these options on top:

Pre-recorded options can be made to feel LIVE as our Host and performers can log in to your Virtual Party to interact with participants as the video is playing to make it feel LIVE. A pre-recorded Virtual Party is the same experiences, shows and performers, although it is just recorded instead of live-streamed.

All of our Virtual Parties can be personalised to the client and our studio is COVID-safe as performers have been scheduled-in to be as safe as possible. We can do these for any occasion, whether it’s a seasonal celebration such as Easter, or a branded experience and more.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Party Running Order:

4:30 pm: Host Intro (5 minutes)
4:35 pm: Lion Dance (7 minutes)
4:42 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
4:44 pm: Dancers in headdresses present Contortionist (1 minute)
4:45 pm: Contortionist (3 minutes)
4:48 pm: Umbrellas (3 minutes)
4:51 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
4:53 pm: Origami Workshop (30 minutes)
5:23 pm: Host (2 minutes)
5:25 pm: Chinese Silk Fan Dance (3 minutes)
5:28 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
5:30 pm: Taichi Moves (3 minutes)
5:37 pm: Kung Fu (7 minutes)
5:45 pm: Goodbye Host

Total: 75 minutes

How Does Our VIP Headline Party Package Work?

  • Step 1) We need to understand your needs and requirements: we speak to you and create a full Virtual Party Brief going over what you want your Virtual Party to achieve
  • Step 2) Understand your Budget
  • Step 3) Confirm Dates
  • Step 4) Present potential Virtual Party Concepts
  • Step 5) Adapt the concept to any feedback you may have
  • Step 6) Wait for your Virtual Party to take place!

Once we have gone through the above steps, all that’s left to do is:

  • Deliver Kits To All Guests. You don’t need to organise anything: we deliver the Virtual Party Kits to all participants

If you have any questions regarding our VIP Headline Party Package, please get in contact with a member of the team today to discuss more.

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