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Why Book A Virtual Party Package? How Does It Work?

Our Virtual Party Packages are very popular with corporate clients who would traditionally host a conference or other physical event but cannot currently book this due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Virtual Party Options are a fantastic alternative that enables corporate clients with offices around the world to come together in one place: on an online, virtual event. We are able to provide any Virtual Party Package for groups of any size, whether it’s a group of 10 or 1000.

The more guests the merrier, our Virtual Party Packages are suitable for all group sizes and are more cost-effective when booking for larger group numbers, as the cost per person reduces with higher group numbers.

Participants are required to log in via their laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet and have access to Zoom. Participants can see each other and can see the Virtual Party entertainment take place on their screens.

Our Virtual Parties are actually fully interactive as participants can interact with each other and the entertainers and performers on-screen interact with the participants. This makes it much more personable than any static video can!

A Host keeps the Virtual Event running, introducing acts, shows, performers and more to the Virtual Event and they also interact with participants.

Once your Virtual Party is finished, we can send over a full recording of the party for you to share on your social media channels and with friends and family. You can look back on this unique virtual experience for years to come.

Running Order Example

Virtual Party

This is a typical running order we have done for past virtual events

Client requirements; “We would like to put on an event for our clients to say thank you and to welcome 2021, we would like to theme this event based on the up and coming to Chinese New Year” our clients will be invited to join us for a drink and enjoy the virtual entertainment along with gift boxes we would like to issue for them”

We arranged everything for this client, see below what we supplied for them

4:30 pm: Start Time
4:30 pm: Host Intro (5 minutes)
4:35 pm: Lion Dance (7 minutes)
4:42 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
4:44 pm: Dancers in headdresses present Contortionist (1 minute)
4:45 pm: Contortionist (3 minutes)
4:48 pm: Umbrellas (3 minutes)
4:51 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
4:53 pm: Origami Workshop (30 minutes)
5:23 pm: Host (2 minutes)
5:25 pm: Chinese Silk Fan Dance (3 minutes)
5:28 pm: Host Introduces (2 minutes)
5:30 pm: Taichi Moves (3 minutes)
5:37 pm: Kung Fu (7 minutes)
5:40 pm: Goodbye Host
5:40/5:45 pm: END

Total: 75 minutes

How Do We Plan A Virtual Party?

Initially, we get a full understanding of your virtual party brief by speaking with you and gaining a full understanding of what your desired outcome is, budget, number of guests and more.

We can offer bespoke branding as part of our Virtual Party services, for example, if you want branded signage in the background of the studio.

Once we know your budget and your requirements, we get to creating bespoke concepts to present to you to confirm whether it meets your demands. We of course can adapt the concept to your feedback.

Our Green Screen options are much more budget-friendly, but are essentially endless in their room for creativity: the background can have your own content bespoke to you.

1) Understand your Event Brief (needs and requirements)

2) Understand your Budget

3) Confirm Dates

4) Present potential Virtual Party Concepts

5) Adapt these concepts to any feedback

6) Wait for your Virtual Party to take place!

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Experts In Virtual Corporate Parties and Virtual Work Socials

If you’re looking for a Virtual Events and Experiences company to produce and manage a Virtual Corporate Party or Virtual Work Social, you have certainly come to the right place.

We pioneer Virtual Experiences, creating, producing and managing bespoke Virtual Events for Corporate Clients around the globe. Our event managers will create a bespoke Virtual Party Package suited to your specific needs and requirements.

It’s not just Virtual Parties we do. We also create large-scale virtual events such as Virtual Conferences, Virtual Product Launches and more.

We are your one-stop-shop for all things Virtual. From Virtual Party Packages, Virtual Performers and Virtual Magicians to Virtual Craft Workshops and more.

Our team can plan, manage and produce your full Virtual Party, including everything from the Virtual Performers, Production and even Gift Baskets we can send out to participants.

Looking To Book A Virtual Party?

As Virtual Event Experts, we have curated a wide range of bespoke Virtual Party Packages: get in contact to find out more.

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Virtual Party Add-Ons and Extras

To make your Virtual Party as special as possible, we are able to supply some nice extras such as Cocktail Packages and more to send out to participants of your Virtual Party.

The options are endless. Here are some of our generic options:

  • Corporate gifts with branding
  • Wines and Cocktail Boxes
  • Meal Boxes and Food
  • Arts & Crafts for those more interactive Virtual Events

We send out these ‘kits’ and any extras to participants directly, so you have nothing to worry about!

Our extras make for a fantastic Virtual Party Experience that is very personable to anyone in attendance.


Virtual Party Options: LIVE Or Pre-Recorded

We are able to provide our Virtual Parties in either a LIVE or pre-recorded format to clients around the World.

To create a special LIVE Virtual Party, we hire out a studio with a production team that enables us to live stream in 4K through several cameras to give participants a fully immersive LIVE virtual experience.

Guests can choose to just sit and watch the Virtual Party or can participate and interact with the performers on the screen.

Our LIVE Virtual Parties work the same as a traditional physical event, it is just experienced virtually. Our events team put together a full running order, guests log in at a specific time and the Virtual Party Host kicks it all off by introducing the first act, interacting with the audience and more!

Guests are introduced by the host to bespoke shows, DJ sets, Aerialists and a whole array of performers who perform from our studio, the same as a traditional event, although it is experienced virtually.

A pre-recorded Virtual Party works the same: it is all the same experiences, shows and performers, although it is just recorded instead of live-streamed.

Our host and performers can log into the Zoom call to interact with the guests as they are watching the Virtual Event to give the effect of a LIVE event.

All of our Virtual Parties can be personalised to the client and our studio is COVID-safe as performers have been scheduled in to be as safe as possible.

We can do these for any occasion, whether it’s a seasonal celebration such as Easter, or can simply be for summer BBQs and any time of the year.


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