Team Building Virtual Caricature Art Workshop

In our virtual caricature art workshop, you will be taught by our very own caricaturist on how to draw caricatures of others, learning new observation and perceptive skills.

Price from: £500 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR VIRTUAL Caricature art workshop

  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Attendees: 10-200
  • Hosted by our professional caricaturist
  • Presentation showing you how to draw
  • Tutoring throughout the workshop
  • Excellent team building activity
  • Competition at the end with prizes awarded
  • No skills required

Within our virtual caricature art workshop, you will learn all about what it takes to draw a caricature. Our professional caricaturist will guide you through the workshop, showing your attendees that regardless of ability everyone can draw.

Firstly you will be shown a presentation on how to create caricatures, including a demonstration from your host. You will then go on to start creating your very own caricature of a colleague on the call. Once these are completed you will present your work back to your remote team and our host will pick a winner who will win their very own caricature drawn by our professional caricaturist, sent to them on a mug.

Additionally, this is an excellent remote team building activity that will challenge and engage your virtual team.

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Virtual Caricature Art Workshop Session

We are proud to offer this virtual workshop as a concept unique to us.

The workshop will take place as follows:


  • Artist story – screen shared with videos of me drawing

How to see like an artist 

  • Perception/observation leads to proportional drawing.
  • Rules of proportions. Draw what you see, not what you know
  • Squint your eyes to see the shapes, angles and sizes of things proportional to each other
  • How to bend the rules

How to design a face

  • Approach – Break face down into simple shapes, Thrust line, T-Line, stretch and pinch
  • Caricature elements – Likeness, exaggeration, humour, expression, good drawing.


  • The artist draws a volunteer in the meeting and talks everyone through his process and thinking


  • Warm-up – get loose
  • Everyone pins one or two others in the meeting and draws them
  • Revealing the drawings


  • The winner is chosen, the artist will draw a full-colour caricature (artwork sent or printed on a mug)

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