Race Around The World Online Game

Get your team together to score as many points as possible to help your explorer win the Race Around The World Online Game.

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Reasons to book our race around the world online game

  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours
  • Group size: 8-1000 attendees
  • Hosted via Zoom and through in-app software
  • Online Team Building Game
  • Designed to improve team working, communication, strategising and working collaboratively
  • A game designed specifically for remote workers
  • Ability to include corporate gifting
  • Ability to add additional activities to create a full-day event

In our remote race around the world online game, your group is split up into teams. Each team will compete to get their explorer avatar around the world the quickest. Teams communicate with each other via Zoom to come up with a strategy to win.

The game comprises of three different levels, each with fun and exciting challenges. To successfully complete all levels and score maximum points, teams must pay attention to in-game bulletins and the detailed digital map.

Additionally, to add a sense of urgency and pressure each stage is timed meaning that teams have to carefully manage their tokens and supplies.

Our race around the world online game helps remote teams to develop their soft skills. Focusing on teamwork, team bonding, strategical thinking and working collaboratively to achieve an outcome.

If you would like to create a full-day virtual event we have a large portfolio of other virtual entertainment options to choose from – these include virtual food and drink workshops, virtual team building, virtual magicians and much much more!

Furthermore, we can add corporate gifting hampers to this event. Therefore, making the experience extra special!

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Benefits of booking our virtual race around the world online game

The Virtual Race Around The World Online Game has been made specifically with remote workers in mind.

This online game targets remote team building and building up all of those team soft skills that may get lost whilst working from home.

The Race Around The World Online Game will help your team improve their teamwork skills as well as encouraging them to use their communication skills, strategy-driven thinking, collaborative working and more.

Due to so many people now working from home, these soft skills are used less and less.

Not only will your team be building up their soft skills. They will also enjoy a fun shared experience with colleagues in an informal and enjoyable setting.

Enhance this remote team-building experience by adding prizes into the mix or gifting hampers delivered straight their door!

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