Virtual Team Building Music & Rhythm Workshop

Our Virtual Music & Rhythm Team Building is a fun, creative activity that will get your guests working as a team.

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Reasons to book our Virtual Music & Rhythm Workshop:

  • Excellent virtual team building activity
  • Duration: From 10-45 minutes (longer session options available)
  • Group sizes: 5-500 (larger groups options available)
  • Excellent alternative Christmas Party option
  • Use household objects to drum on or have boom whackers or drums delivered as an additional extra
  • Option to add corporate gifting or branding to this virtual workshop
  • Workshop hosted on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangout, etc

We’ll bring a non-stop musical energy to this Virtual Workshop. Getting your team working together and making some noise with our team drumming, junk percussion or boom whackers.

Taking on different sections, your team will work together to create one unified sound. Not only is our Virtual Music & Rhythm Team Building Workshop a good team-building activity, but it will also get your team’s adrenaline pumping as they move to the rhythm and bang their drums (or household utensils)!

Furthermore, our Virtual Rhythm Workshop is a great way of loosening up a team, releasing inhibitions and getting them moving.

The workshop will take place over Zoom. After a brief introduction, attendees will be allocated parts and rhythms to play. They will then play along to several non-stop famous pop and dance songs, encouraged all the time by our fantastic virtual host.

Additionally, you’ll play several games and fun challenges in which your guest’s reaction skills will be put to the test. With the opportunity to also get guests to conduct and lead sections. Our Virtual Rhythm Workshop is a sure-fire way to create a high energy, fun, team-working environment.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to turn your Virtual Rhythm Workshop into a full-day virtual event we offer multiple additional Virtual Services and Virtual Entertainment Options. From Virtual Magicians to Virtual Conferencing, Virtual Food and Drink Workshops to Virtual Studio Hire.

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Online Rhythm Workshop, using household instruments to create percussion for team building virtual event

Benefits of our Online Rhythm Workshop

The best thing about our Online Rhythm Workshop is that there’s no need to have any instrumental experience. You just need to love rhythm!

The option of attendees using household materials to create their instruments is a fun and creative way for them to make their own percussion. Our Online Rhythm Workshop host will guide participants on what they can use, to create their very own percussion.

Virtual drum set lessons are also offered to students of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. No professional instruments are required.

Additionally, this workshop is great for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a team-building exercise to get your attendees working together and connecting. Or, perhaps you want to include the whole family, we strongly encourage everyone to get involved, from babies right up to Great-Grandparents.

Connecting through sharing rhythm via virtual learning, can be the perfect outlet for any individuals from colleagues to teams, couples to whole families.

For people spending a majority of their time at home or working from home, our Online Rhythm Workshop is a fun, enriching and engaging virtual entertainment option!

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