Virtual Horse Racing

Treat your team to a fun Virtual Race Night with our unique Virtual Horse Racing Experience for Zoom Calls.

Price From: £350 + VAT

Reasons to book our Virtual Horse Racing:

  • Our Virtual Horse Racing activity is a fantastic team-building experience
  • Highly interactive, including break out rooms, on-screen displays, whole group rooms and a fantastic host
  • Bespoke options available, including branding and theming
  • We’ve received amazing feedback from clients who have booked
  • Additional Virtual Entertainment and Hamper options available

How Does Our Virtual Horse Racing Experience Work?

Our Virtual Horse Racing Night is simple! There is an introductory video setting the scene and explaining how to play. Every player has a choice of three actions throughout the game.

Actions can be used to put rivals at a disadvantage or put your team at an advantage. However, the trick is to know when to play these as once they are used that’s it!

Our Virtual Race Night is a fun online experience for large groups on Zoom Calls to participate in. Each group splits into teams and as a team, they compete together. Training horses, sabotaging rival team’s horses and backing their favourite horse to win!

Over the period of an hour, they’ll enter bets for between 6-8 races using their in-game currency (not real money). Fabulously hosted by our amazing Compere and with the opportunity for teams to enter breakout rooms to strategize, this virtual team building activity is sure to be a hit for all guests.

There is a shared display on everyone’s screens for this fun virtual race night to show constantly changing pay-outs of horses as people submit their actions. Teams will have to strategize whether to show interest early for a good payout. Or wait till the last minute to see other teams show their tactics.

Virtual Horse Racing Key Points:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Group size: 5-300 (bespoke packages available for larger groups)
  • Bespoke options available: branding, theming, packages etc.
  • We can send out Gift Hampers and more to participants if required

If you’d like to turn your fun online race night into a full-blown Virtual Event we have loads of other Virtual Games and Virtual Entertainment Options to choose from! We can also send out Gift Baskets and Hampers to participants if required.

If you’d like to find out more about our Virtual Horse Racing, please get in contact with a member of the events team to discuss more.

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