Virtual Team Building Seal The Deal Game

Based on the highly popular TV show game Deal Or No Deal, our Virtual Tem Building Seal The Deal Game is a fun and interactive team-building activity.

Price From: £35 pp + VAT

Minimum booking of 10 people

REASONS TO BOOK OUR VIRTUAL Team building seal the deal game:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Attendees: 10-22
  • Comprised of 5 box opening rounds
  • Mini-games interspersed throughout
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • Dedicated presenter to run the virtual game

If you’re looking for an engaging and fun virtual game that your remote team can enjoy from the comfort of their own home, then our virtual team building seal the deal game is for you!

Taking the format of the TV show Deal Or No Deal, your virtual team will take it in turns to open their digital boxes. The aim of the game, like the TV show, is to work together to gain the best deal from the banker and come away with the most money possible.

Throughout the game, your dedicated presenter will host various mini-games, this keeps everyone engaged and interacting with one another. Additionally, these mini-games guarantee lots of laughter as well as keeping everyone’s energy and interest up.

Scroll down the page to find out more about how the game is played as well as what mini-games will be played.

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How our virtual team building seal the deal game works

Our virtual team building seal the deal game will be hosted by one of our brilliant game show hosts.

Each remote team member will be sent a Zoom call link to join at an agreed time. Once everyone has joined the rules and aim of the game will be explained.

Just like the TV show, each guest will be allocated their virtual box (if there are less than 22 people, gusts may receive multiple boxes).

Comprising of 5 rounds each team member will take it in turns to open their box to find out what money they’ve lost. The boxes will contain sums of money between 1p and £250,000. Therefore, the aim of the game to work as a team to win as much money as possible.

Between each round, there will be a series of mini-games in which all of the guests can get involved. Take a look down the page to find out more.


mini-game examples

There are a wide variety of mini-games we offer throughout our virtual team building seal the deal game.

Your host will lead each of the games which will involve the whole team in fun and engaging challenges.


Using a virtual whiteboard, each remote team member will take it in turns to draw a variety of random and potentially very funny looking items or objects.

Dash and Grab

Get your running shoes on! Your host will present a list of random household objects for everyone to gather and virtually present to the host the quickest. Be quick though as the slowest person back will face a very funny forfeit. Furthermore, if some of your team are already back in the office with can adapt ort list of items to office objects.

5 second rule

No, we don’t mean quickly picking up and eating that snack you dropped on the floor! In this mini-game, each attendee will be faced with their own personalised 5-second challenge to complete. For example name 5 chocolate bars that start with the same letter.

benefits of booking our virtual seal the deal game

First and foremost our virtual team building seal the deal game will be a fun, informal activity to strengthen your team bonds.

With so many teams working from home, we believe booking virtual games and activities for your remote team is a really important way of looking after your team.

Our virtual team building seal the deal game is aimed at

  • Boosting morale
  • Increasing productivity
  • Combating loneliness
  • Improving communication skills

Furthermore, if you are looking for a range of other virtual team building activities we have lots to choose from. Including team games, craft sessions, virtual wellbeing workshops and food and drink masterclasses.

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