Modern Fake Paparazzi

Our Modern Fake Paparazzi for hire is a fun-filled act who will make you feel like a model or a Hollywood actor.

Our Modern Paparazzi are similar to the ones of old, however, they have better camera equipment and more current wardrobes. Our Modern Paparazzi can be hired all over the UK and beyond.

Our walkabout act is perfect to hire for a variety of different events because of their versatility. Our Modern Paparazzi can be booked as both walkabouts or meet and greet entertainment. The can seamlessly interact with your guests throughout the event as well as greeting them on arrival to the venue.

This comedy act is a charming and amusing way to add some extra fun to your special night. The Modern Fake Paparazzi is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; award ceremonies, movie-themed events or product launches in London and across the UK.

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