The Bonkers Ballerinas

The Bonkers Ballerinas for hire are a comedy walkabout act who will provide an abundance of laughs at your next event. These esteemed Ballerinas have all the perfect moves and stances and are always looking to impart their wisdom upon any unsuspecting member of the public.

Our Ballerinas are dressed in special purple leotards and of course, have their bright pink (and green) tutus. As soon our ballet performers are dressed in their tutus, they are ready to deliver a masterclass in how to perfect your pirouettes, first positions and demi-plies. Our Prima Ballerinas will perform amazing renditions of the classics such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and a new classic; Beyoncé’s, All the Single Ladies.

These passionate ballerinas are a fun-filled act that will be sure to create a captivating and amusing time for all. The Ballerinas can provide the tutus and the barre. The Bonkers Ballerinas are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; shopping centre events, outdoor festivals or corporate events in London and across the UK.

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