Swimsuit Stunners

Our superb, high-kicking Swimsuit Stunners are all dressed in the brightest colours of the rainbow for some pure, fun-filled entertainment. These gorgeous entertainers can perform a wide range of performances including stilt shows, delicate ribbon dancing and more.

Although you might see these performers as your standard dance group, you couldn’t be more wrong. This group use a combination of sound; lights and AV equipment to create a performance that is completely captivating. The group can either provide an improvised performance or come prepared with a complete, professionally choreographed show in which they can interact with your audience while on stage.

Our Swimsuit Stunners can perform as either ladies of today or dames of another era with the addition of extra props and costume pieces as well as specific styles of choreography from the time period. Bright, bubbly and full of colour, these swimsuit ladies are exactly what you need to host the event of the year, the party of the century or festival of a lifetime.

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