Our Eco-friendly Event Cleaning product transforms ordinary tap water into a natural and more effective cleaning agent than bleach.

It is the world’s most effective all-natural event cleaner. Not only is it just as harmless to us as ordinary water, but it can also help venues achieve sustainability credentials and cut-down on cost and cleaning times.

It is an incredibly helpful resource to have, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic times and, here at Julia Charles Event Management, we highly recommend it to keep your event Covid safe and disinfected.

Eco Friendly Event Cleaning Product
Sustainable natural Event Cleaning

Deep Cleaning your event space

Effectively and sustainably deep clean and decontaminate your venue space to ensure protection against viruses and bacteria.

As an events management company, we run events from start to finish. Amidst the concerns of a potential Covid-19 Pandemic, we are working round the clock to ensure your events run smoothly and safely whilst still focusing on sustainability.

This means that we offer precautionary coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitisation prior to your event, sustainable cleaning solutions throughout your event, and deep cleaning after your event.

Amazing service runs at our core and we intend to continue providing that throughout whilst still ensuring that we are offering sustainable options.

We work with several sustainable cleaning brands that will offer you the utmost protection for you and your guests.

Aside from our Event Cleaning device, we can also install Better Event Air devices into our venue spaces. Better Event Air is a purification system targeting the air, surfaces and inside objects with probiotics. Removing bad bacteria from the air.

We’ve partnered with these brands to secure a discounted rate to our industry that’s unique to us. This means we can offer the whole packages in event management solutions at the best price possible for the client.


Our Event Cleaning Product is a machine that turns cold tap water into a solution called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO).

By simply introducing an extra oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule and water molecules. SAO is a highly effective cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants.

Not only does this create an anti-microbial agent that works more effectively against pathogens than chlorine bleach. But it’s also a solution that cleans without the fumes and toxic residues like dioxins and tri-chloramines. This makes it much safer for us to use.

The cleaning solution is very easy to dispose of. After 24 hours, the solution turns back into ordinary water and oxygen and can then be poured down the drain, just like ordinary water. No nasty chemicals needed to keep your event Covid safe!

Conference News covering Sustainable Event Cleaning


Julia Charles (our Director) recently spoke to Conference News about how this product applies to the industry.

Julia explains how a venue can use this product to improve their sustainability credentials. Making their cleaning processes more efficient and saving money.

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What Are The Main Benefits?

This product can be used in all cleaning processes: from mopping floors to cleaning bathrooms.

As a result, the product is extremely useful for all types of Hotels, Event Spaces and Venues who want a safe and efficient way of keeping their spaces clean. A 100 bedroom venue could save around 5 hours a day!

  • Cuts down Carbon Footprint: eliminates the need for a regular delivery as you create your own cleaning solution
  • Saves Plastic Waste: Spray bottles are reusable and filled up on-site
  • Saves Money and Time: One cleaning product for all cleaning job.

Application In The Events Industry

This cleaning product helps venues improve their sustainability credentials.

Many venues in our industry are adopting products and practices that make them greener! So, of course, one area for consideration is the cleaning products they use.

Using a cleaner that is as harmless to the environment as possible has a positive impact on a venue’s sustainability credentials! A Venue cannot claim to be sustainable if it is pouring nasty chemicals into their drains daily.

The product is already being used in a few hotel chains across the UK. Let us know if your venue is interested in giving it a go.

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Mini Event iCleaning


If you want the same product but in a smaller form, the Tersano iClean Mini is perfect. Ideal for your home, office, or any commercial or industrial environment.

With the press of a button, this product instantly converts tap water into a powerful, naturally-occurring cleaning oxidant. It is safer for use around people but tough on dirt, germs and odours.

Approved to clean and sanitize food preparation surfaces, as well as for use directly on fruits, vegetables, meats and virtually any other food.

  • Cleans without poisons, toxins, residues or fumes and reverts to plain tap water after use
  • Does not harm eyes or skin if accidentally splashed
  • Kills 99.9% of germs including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria without chemicals
  • Quickly, easily remove dirt, grime, stains, odours, mould, mildew and pesticides
  • Save time and money by no longer purchasing chemical cleaners, sanitizers, and deodorizers

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