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In September, Julia Charles-Winginton spoke about Better Air in Conference News Magazine!

Julia Charles Event Management is the first agency to look at the impact that air pollution has in the events industry.

“Indoor air pollution is intensified at a conference. Firstly, thousands of people fly in from all around the world. Secondly, they become all stuck in one room all day breathing each other’s germs,” continues Julia Charles-Wiginton in the Conference News Article. “It’s a shuddering thought. I’d like to see more awareness of indoor air pollution at events.”

Rotable Repairs

We created a luxury bow for the Rotable Repairs owner to cut to celebrate their new facility opening in Southend-on-Sea.

In August, Julia Charles Event Management worked with Rotable Repairs to create an event to launch their new facilities.

Julia Charles-Wiginton thought that this was a perfect opportunity to launch Better Air for the first time at an event.

Better Air is a machine that sprays probiotics into the environment. It purifies the air, surfaces and objects all around it.

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Julia Charles-wiginton article in Conference News Magazine.

“We felt that our event was the perfect launch platform. In other words, due to the nature of our business, having clean air at our event was really important to us” explains Richard Lane, who is the marketing manager at Rotable Repairs. “To start with, we own a workshop where we deal with chemicals. In addition, our sector is the aviation industry. This sector heavily impacts the quality of the air.”, he explains to Conference News.

“We could tell the difference device made because the air felt fresh and not at all stuffy. 

Champions of Sustainable Events

Conference News Article with Julia Charles Event Management feature.

In conclusion, Julia Charles Event Management is launching an initiative to help fellow event organisers to create more sustainable events.

As Julia says in Conference News, they are gathering together a group of people to champion products and services that will help event professionals to create greener events and conferences.

“We are forming the Champions of Sustainable Events; a group of organisers who will research a new product or service each month. Then they will tell the industry how they can use it in their events,” says Julia in the Conference News Article. 

If you would like to join the Champions of Sustainable Events or you have a product or service that you would like for them to review, please contact CN. We will put you in touch with Julia Charles-Wiginton and her team! 

Find the full article in the Conference News magazine!

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