With Chinese New Year soon approaching on Tuesday the 1st February 2022, it’s now the time to get your Chinese New Year Celebrations planned!

As an event management company, we have plenty of Chinese New Year Party & Celebration Ideas and know a thing or two when it comes to planning one of these events. That’s why we’ve devised a comprehensive list on how to plan a Chinese New Year Party

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Know Your Event Budget! (set a budget)

The very first step to planning your Chinese New Year event is assessing your budget: how much money are you prepared to spend on your event? This will give you a basis for your event and will set you some guidelines for your event.

To get an understanding of your budget and ensure it is realistic, you want to break your budget down into sections:

Depending on your budget, you may not require all of the sections above, however, the more you choose, the better. The budget will really depend on the concept of your event and what your main Chinese New Year Party or Celebration idea is.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance we created for our client's Chinese New Year Theme Party. Take a look at our range of Chinese Lion Dancers and Chinese New Year entertainment for hire.

Understand the Purpose of your Event

In the events world, it’s better to think of Chinese New Year as a theme. This is because Chinese New Year can be celebrated in so many different ways. For example, you can celebrate the occasion with a Corporate Party, Gala Dinner or Awards Ceremony, just to name a few event types. It is not just used for Chinese New Year events and celebrations.

It is a colourful, vibrant theme that can be used for Corporate Parties, Award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners and even Weddings all throughout the year.

Chinese New Year Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony we created using our Chinese New Year event planning services.

Now, depending on the purpose of your Chinese New Year event, the priorities and focusses of your event will differ massively, therefore affecting how you plan your event. If you are planning a Chinese New Year Party, the aspects of your event you need to plan out will be very different to a Gala Dinner, for example.

So, think what the main purpose of your event is:

  • Is it to Celebrate and have a Party?
  • Is it to give out Awards to your staff?
  • Is it a Corporate Event?
  • Is it a sit-down Gala Dinner?
  • etc.

The purpose of your event should always be the main focus – every aspect you plan should aid your event purpose.

Choose A Venue / Event Space

As a full scale event production agency we will source the perfect venue for your Chinese new year event.

So you now understand the purpose of your event and what you want to achieve, you now need to choose a space suitable to host the event!

Depending on your event type and what your Chinese New Year Party or Celebration idea is, whether it is a Party or a Corporate Gala Dinner, the venue you choose will be massively different. Of course, depending on the number of guests in attendance, a Gala Dinner will likely need more space as you will need tables and stage set-up.

Check the availability of the venue and plan a date. You may want to look at the other aspects of your event below prior to booking a date as you want to make sure everything you want is available.

The Date you book your venue or event space will change the price of the hire dramatically. If you book the venue at peak times, it will be more expensive. This is a quick and simple way of maximising your budget (by choosing an off-peak time).

If you want more of an understanding of sourcing the right venue, take a look at our Venue Finding Services!

You will also want to choose a venue that is easy to travel to. It’s important to organise the travel for your guests unless your guests are travelling individually. To make this easier, we offer full travel management services to ensure this part of your event runs smoothly.

Decorate Your Venue

A big part of any Chinese New Year event is the event space and how it looks. The Chinese New Year theme incorporates a lot of bright, vibrant reds and yellows and this will be a crucial part in making your event instantly recognisable as a Chinese New Year Themed Event!

Try to use bespoke Chinese New Year Decorations and Props to make your event space as special as it can be.

Make sure that you liaise with the venue with timings and when you can access their venue to decorate it for your event. Never underestimate how long it can take to put together your event space.

For larger events, like the Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony below, you will most likely want to decorate your venue the day prior to the event to avoid any hiccups.

This Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony event featured a bespoke Chinese New Year theme. We created this unique theme using Chinese New Year Table Decorations and Table Centrepieces.

We also offer full Venue Decoration services to transform any event space.

Entertain Your Guests!

A big part of any event is the entertainment. As an event management company, we have a wide range of entertainment options available to hire for events.

Geisha Girls available to hire for Chinese New Year entertainment in the UK.

We also have a page dedicated to Chinese New Year Entertainment. Chinese Lion Dancers are one of our more popular Chinese New Year entertainment options. This is because they are a symbol of Chinese New Year and always put on a stunning performance, suitable for a range of event types.

When choosing entertainment, it is important to plan a setlist for your performers to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. Make sure nothing in your event ‘clashes’ and there is adequate time between each set. You may also want to book a catering company for your event where you would apply the same rules.

Sit Back and Wait For Your Event Date!

Now you’ve got your event planned out, now all you need to do is sit back and wait for your event date. Here’s a quick overview:

On the day of your event, you will want someone dedicated to being a point of contact for all of the people at your event: the performers, venue, catering, travel.

This person should also be tasked with keeping an eye on everything at the event and ensuring the day runs smoothly. This is a very big undertaking and this is why we offer full event management services.

It takes a lot of planning to get an event like this organised and planned, which is why we have a dedicated team of event planners who have spent years mastering the trade. If you would like to enquire about our event planning services, where we can put together your event from scratch and manage the event on the day, you can get in contact!

Our event planners have a lot of Chinese New Year Party Ideas and Chinese New Year Celebration Ideas to add to your event, whatever its purpose may be. Not to mention they have plenty of experience in planning a Chinese New Year Party.

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