Transport your guests to the depths of the jungle, or on their very own African safari with our immersive Jungle themed events services.

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With all kinds of creative solutions and venue dressing tools, we are able to bring your Jungle Themed Events to life. Transforming every kind of space imaginable, from singular rooms to entire outdoor event spaces.

  • Venue Finding Services
  • Bespoke Jungle Themed Party Props
  • Full Venue Draping and Dressing
  • Catering Services
  • Jungle Themed Party Entertainment
  • Event Management
  • Jungle Themed AV, Lighting & Technology Solutions

Full Event Production For Jungle Themed Events

We can completely transform any event space into an immersive jungle themed party production.

Our event production and management team work on a client by client basis, creating a Jungle Party concept unique to them.

Additionally, with a wide range of props and venue dressing solutions available to us, as well as a team of build staff who can create bespoke props, signage and large scale set builds, we are able to create the event space of your dreams.

Whether you want your Jungle Themed Events to be filled with tropical plants, luscious greenery and dark corners. Or perhaps you want a safari themed party with lots of animal props, watering holes and interactive entertainers moving around the event space.

Combining a wide selection of event services, we can bring any idea to life.

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Jungle Themed Party Prop Hire & Venue Dressing

Succesful event theming will transport your guests entirely, making them feel like they have entered a completely different reality.

We do this by ensuring you have showstopping party props and immersive and interactive venue dressing.

Furthermore, no corner is left untouched, our production team will create a jungle themed concept that is based entirely on your event space.

Working with the architecture of the venue as well as our structural build team, we can create a multi-level, jungle themed event space.

By booking a team of professionals you can rest assured that not only will your event run smoothly and look spectacular, but we will also creatively work with your budget to deliver a jungle party that amazes guests but still works within your budget.


Safari Themed Party Entertainment options

Add life to your jungle themed event with our spectacular safari themed party entertainment.

With an extensive portfolio of entertainment options, we are sure to have just what you are looking for.

Perhaps you are looking for animal themed acrobats to perform for guests on stage. Alternatively, maybe you’d like botanical walkabout stilt walker creatures to creep around the venue, blending into their environment.

Furthermore, we also offer body painting so guests can get involved in the jungle theme, as well as live bands and DJs to get your party started.

Additionally, if you have an idea but can’t see it on our site, speak to our event managers as we offer a wide range of bespoke and fully customisable entertainment.

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Our experienced and creative team will work you to provide complete planning and production of your Themed Event.

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