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Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us for the third year running to arrange their staff Christmas party to accommodate 190 guests.

The client required the venue to be a 10-minute walk from their office. With our experience in venue sourcing, we used the luxury Conrad Hotel to host the Alice in Wonderland themed party.

They wanted luxury catering options at the event, so we got in contact with high-end caterers to meet these requirements.

We decided to go for a Twisted Alice in Wonderland theme for the party because it is such a popular theme for Christmas.

This gave us a lot of room to get creative with the set design and entertainment options.

The Client Required:

  • Full Event Production for a Twisted Alice In Wonderland themed Christmas party.
  • A luxury venue within a 10-minute walk from their office with space for 190 guests.
  • Full Management for the Alice in Wonderland themed party to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible.

Adding our Expertise

Once we got sign off on the full proposal for the event, we started putting the event together.

Our team arrived at The Conrad at 8 am to get started on the Alice in Wonderland set design and complete the venue transformation.

The events team carefully took down the Hotel’s existing decorations in the venue space to clear space for our bespoke backdrops, decorations, fake walls, furniture, DJ set and more.

We created an entirely bespoke Alice in Wonderland tunnel entrance to add to the overall theme of the event!

  • The team fully transformed the luxury Hotel, despite significant logistical obstacles
  • Provided AV, a range of themed entertainment and a full set design
  • We created the concept for the Christmas party theme from scratch

Admiring the results

The client was over the moon with how the Twisted Alice in Wonderland party went.

In their feedback, they said “The whole company has been saying how fantastic it was and that it was ‘one of the best yet!”.

We’re very pleased with the way the Alice in Wonderland themed party turned out and that the client was pleased with the outcome.

The team were under immense pressure to put the event together and complete the venue transformation but achieved an incredible amount with the tight deadlines and restrictions that were in place.

We Achieved:

  • A full, complex set build in an awkward and logistically challenging event space
  • Delivered a high quality themed event, exceeding the client’s expectations
  • Flawless event production that ran smoothly under a demanding schedule

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