In celebration of the patron saint of England, St George’s Day is an excellent opportunity to come together and express your patriotism.

By taking a step back in time to the middle ages, you and your guests can experience simple, old-fashioned festivity with Ales, entertainment and beautifully designed venues.

Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we understand that constructing an entire event from top to bottom can be a mammoth of a task, that you either don’t have the time for, the resources for or the general know-how. Not to worry, our event management team have a huge history in event production for conferences, parties and more, and are here to help. We work closely with our clients to help you develop the ideas you have, offer some more inspiration and ultimately, offer spectacular and unique party themes and events.

Here are just some of the things that we can help within our themed production service:

  • Renaissance themed entertainment
  • Authentic medieval catering services
  • Middle age venue dressing services
  • Interactive themed activities
  • And more!

If you would like to find out more information about the huge range of St George’s Day event service we have available across the UK, simply get in contact today to speak to a member of the team.


Why choose a Medieval theme?

With the popularity of medieval themes coming further into popular culture through movies and television, medieval events are becoming more and more popular for weddings, parties and St Georges Day events. With event themes like Game of Thrones, your guests are able to step back in time and get fully involved in your medieval event through medieval costuming and more.

By using a combination of medieval themed table dressing, medieval props and medieval entertainment, our team creates an experience for you and your guests that will put you in the heart of the medieval ages. As an experienced events company based in the UK, we work tirelessly to create events that are unique and exciting.


Renaissance themed entertainment

In addition to our St George’s Day themed venue dressing services and medieval themed event productions, we can also provide a wide range of St George’s Day entertainment. Have your guests greeted by knights on horses, walk about medieval characters and even dragons! As well as offering medieval themed walkabout characters, we can also provide a range of large-scale dragon props for your event.

find out more about St George’s Day productions

Our creative team have hundreds of St George’s Day ideas for decorations and props and are ready to transform your next function into a medieval festival. For more information about our themed event production services, simply get in contact with the team today.


What events can I use this theme for?

As this theme has a certain elegance about it, our renaissance themed events are an extremely popular idea for wedding events in the UK. As you can combine a natural style of venue dressing with colourful renaissance costuming, you are able to create the perfect atmosphere to have an amazing renaissance wedding.

In addition to being ideal for wedding events, our renaissance themed event decorations are a perfect way to theme any private function or celebration! As you sit down to a bountiful feast and sip on a chalice of wine, you will forget the date and experience a real medieval celebration.

Although this theme is perfect for any event, you should consider our renaissance theme for your next St George’s Day function. As this theme is extremely accurate to that time period, the venue or area you choose to dress will look like St George will be attending himself.


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