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  • Venue Finding:  Source the perfect Venue for your War Time Themed Event!
  • Venue Dressing:  Transform your Venue with our World War II Venue Theming.
  • Event Management:  Ensure your Event runs smoothly
  • Event Entertainment:  Book Entertainment to match your Theme
  • Catering Services:  Book the right kind of caterers to feed your Guests

Bespoke VE DAY 1940S Venue Dressing

Let us transport you back to the 1940s, recreate the memories of VE day and the comradery of the War Time spirit with our Bespoke World War II Venue Theming.

Whether you want to celebrate the jubilee, recreate the jubilant street parties of VE day Victory or your very own War Time bunker that contains more Blitz spirit than Churchill’s own bunker. Our event theming services have everything you need to create an authentic event.

Transport your guests back to the era of Victory curled ladies and uniformed soldiers with our 1940s themed event production. Completely immerse your guests into the theme by ensuring your venue is dressed in the most authentic fashion.

Because we are an Event production Company we have every single component you could possibly need for creating a stand out immersive and unforgettable experience. From Bespoke Venue Decorations, Party Themes, Prop hire, Staging Lighting and AV and managing your whole event from start to finish.

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What Events Can I Book This Theme For?

There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your event. With 8th May becoming a bank holiday this year to celebrate 75 Years since VE Day it’s a great opportunity to commemorate and celebrate.

From family fun days that recreate the history of the 1940s, Gala Dinners inspired by VE day, or Private parties. there are so many ways you can use our World War II Themed event production services.

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Book Entertainment To Match Your Theme!

You’ve successfully transported your guests back in time, now to complete your 1940s themed event production lets add some entertainment!

What better way to commemorate War Time Britain than with your very own Winston Churchill, perhaps have him deliver a VE day style victory speech at your event?

If you really want to get the party swinging why not hire one of our brilliant Jazz Bands or Vintage Singers. They’re guaranteed to get everyone dancing and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. We can also provide a large array of Military Entertainment which is sure to set the scene.

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