Assembling the Ideas

For this event, we were approached by a Wealth Management Company to help put together a Christmas Gala Dinner they wanted to put on for their staff.

They had already decided on a 1920s Theme and the Gleneagles Arena venue and required us to work alongside another audio-visual company they’d already booked (who were a pleasure to work with by the way!) to assist with the production of the Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner and manage the event.

This client had a clear idea of what they wanted from this event and employed us to make sure that it was delivered for their staff!

The Client Required:

  • Our Events Team to transform an empty Sports Hall into a vibrant event space suitable for a Gala Dinner
  • The Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner to be fully managed on the night to ensure everything ran smoothly
  • Us to deliver the Gala Dinner to a specific brief and work alongside another AV team

Adding our Expertise

In terms of production, we were tasked with helping to transform an empty sports hall into a vibrant event space that consisted of three separate function areas.

Our expertise was drawn upon to ensure the layout and creative design was perfect for the demands of the venue and matched exactly what the client had set out in the brief.

We also supplied Themed Furniture and Venue Dressing Services that were bespoke-made for this Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner!

  • We supplied and installed bespoke themed furniture and set design
  • We helped transform the space into a buzzing 1920s atmosphere
  • We fully managed the event once guests arrived
  • We worked in accordance with strict health and safety regulations

Admiring the results

The client was extremely pleased with the Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner and their staff were able to enjoy a luxurious night in which they could experience the famous glitz and glamour of the 1920s!

We delivered exactly what the client wanted in terms of concept and production, and managed the event to run like clockwork when the guests arrived.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with this client and had a great time joining forces with the other suppliers that were on-site with us.

We Did We Achieve?

  • Our Client and Guests had a fantastic night
  • The Gala Dinner ran smoothly and was managed efficiently
  • Our team Worked alongside other suppliers to deliver on the Gleneagles 1920s Gala Dinner

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