Assembling the Ideas

Xero approached us to put together an exciting Xero Company Conference to kick-off their financial year!

They wanted a high level of production and an event that cut no corners to inform their staff of the company direction for the new financial year, present awards to the company’s top achievers and reveal the new TV advert for Xero.

Being that it was a large company conference that needed to be very high-end, we used our extensive experience as conference organisers to ensure the conference met these expectations and ran smoothly with no hiccups.

Xero Conference Requirements:

  • Source a venue in Milton Keynes with a Conference space, Hotel Accommodation and cater for over 300 guests
  • Transportation to the venue for all of their staff from around the World
  • Provide Catering Services with a zero-waste scheme
  • Staging, Lighting and AV Services to deliver a high-end Conference
  • Venue Dressing services, Pallet Furniture and more to transform the event space into a Branded Conference space
  • Bespoke Team-Building Activities for the Xero staff
  • Full Conference Management services, Delegate Management Services to ensure the event ran smoothly
  • High-End Event Photography and Videography so they could promote the event
  • Content Design for the Conference

Adding our Expertise

Once the Xero staff arrived at the luxury DoubleTree Hilton venue we sourced using our Venue Finding Services, they were brought to the lobby area.

Here, we provided bespoke, luxury catering coffee, pastries, sandwich bags and more. Any leftover food went to a local food bank; it was a zero-waste event.

We completely transformed the lobby area using Xero brand colours, Xero signage and branding. We designed the entire stage, seating and provided full AV & Lighting services to completely transform the venue and create a high-quality Company Conference Event.

300+ members of staff were taken for a staff photo in the Stadium MK stands and then took part in some team-building activities that included a world-record longest dominoes activity!

What Did We Provide?

  • We organised travel to this branded Conference Event for over 300 members of staff from around the world
  • Catering Services for all of the guests, meeting any dietary requirements. Any leftover food from the Xero Company Conference went to a local food bank
  • A world-record dominoes activity as a team-building activity for the unique Company Conference!
  • An Awards Conference where Awards were handed out to members of the Xero team

Admiring the results

Following the Xero Company Conference, Xero were very happy with how the event turned out!

The Company Conference Event was a huge success and ran smoothly with no logistical issues.

Guest speaker Ben McBean was a huge hit with the employees – engaging well and getting a good reception and applause at the end of this talk.

The Xero team worked well together, taking part in our unique team building activities.

What We Achieved:

  • A company conference that was received well by the client and employees attending
  • Successful transportation of a large number of guests using our experience in logistics
  • A unique company conference that met all the requirements set out by the client
  • A fun and exciting awards conference that boosted team morale for Xero
  • A Branded Conference Event with Zero-Waste!

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