3D Mapping Opening Shows

Our partners over at Cirque Bijou produce some of the best 3D projection events shows in the world, some of which have been featured at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, like the EXCEL Centre in London for 2015 MINECON!

These shows are all made as customer performances per event, meaning your show is completely unique to you. With the help of our talented production team, your show can be themed, styled and tailored to be best suited for your venue.

Reasons To Book Our 3D Mapping Opening Shows:

  • Perfect for conventions, parties, conferences, exhibitions and more
  • Completely bespoke options available
  • Can be based around a specific idea or theme to suit your event
  • Suitable for a range of event sizes
  • Available for events in the UK and internationally
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Watch our 3D Mapping OPening Show at MINECON 2015!

If you would like to see this show in action, then feel free to take a look our YouTube channel, where we feature some footage from one of these events!

This video shows this service being used at the 2015 MINECON convention based around the videogame “MineCraft”. In this show, the performance included dancers, BMX performers and a range of stage projection mapping.

Stage projection mapping

A huge part of entertaining guests at conventions and conference events is to use unique entertainment that is specific to your event theme.

With our stage projection mapping, you can convert your stage into a unique form of entertainment for events. Creating bespoke stage projection mapping is a great way to tailor the style of your event stage show around your event.

We can create bespoke stage projection mapping for a wide range of events and for a range of 3D projection mapping needs. For example, you can use our stage projection mapping to style your stage to a certain theme, or you can simply use our stage projection mapping as entertainment itself!

Book 3D projection dance shows

3D projection dance shows are an excellent way to combine our stage projection mapping with unique dance choreography. When booking our 3D projection dance shows, you can also create a unique show that is suited to your event.

You can book 3D projection shows for a wide range of events and in a wide range of locations including international events. This means you can book 3D projection dances shows for whatever occasion you might have!

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Exhibition entertainment for hire

Another excellent use of our light projection services is for to hire it for exhibition entertainment. Exhibitions are all about showing off your stand and our 3D projection exhibition entertainment is perfect. You can use this service to create everything from small trade show projections to large-scale stage shows.

Our range of exhibition entertainment for hire can be an excellent way to boost foot traffic to your trade show or company trade stand. If you would like more information about our exhibition entertainment for hire then you can get in contact today.

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