Rex The Animatronic Dinosaur

Our unique Dinosaur is loved by all and is considered a bit of a magnet for publicity.

The T-Rex Dinosaur is the most realistic-looking animatronic animal in Europe, with realistic movements which make for enticing entertainment.

With an animatronic face and body movement, real legs, eyes that are able to move about the room and blink, a tail which can swing from side to side and the most life-like ROAR you’ve ever heard that will send shivers down your spines.

Our impeccable animatronic Dinosaurs are guaranteed to entertain all of your guests at your events such as Themed events, museums, student nights, children’s events or an exhibition.

We know that our adaptable entertainment will be a hit wherever our Dinosaurs go they will definitely stand out.

Controlled by the most talented puppeteers in Europe our Dinosaur will create the most realistic experience for all of your guests.

In order to top off the effect, we starve our Dinosaur for 24 hours before the event so when he shows up he may get a bit peckish and chase down your guests, so be prepared to run!

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Watch Rex The Animatronic Dinosaur In Action!

In this video, our Dinosaurs, including baby T-Rex’s and Velociraptors are seen to be having a great time with all their guests. Be it for a picture or a friendly stroke, however, I wouldn’t risk it.

Our Dino’s are being led through the streets of Oxford and London with their trusty Dinosaur Park Staff but the rope doesn’t seem to secure so always have one eye on our dino’s so they don’t try and eat you.

The Dinosaurs can be hired in London and around the UK. Send us an email:

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