Virtual Picture Team Building Game

Our Virtual Picture Team Building Game is a fun and interactive virtual corporate team building activity that brings staff together to create and solve a giant picture puzzle!

Price From: £35pp + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Virtual Picture Team Building Game:

  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Attendees: 20 – 200
  • Unlock your creative side in this Virtual Team Building Game
  • Played on a specially designed online gaming platform
  • Remote Team Building Activities promote collaborative thinking
  • Game analytics provided in gameplay
  • Book Virtual Corporate Team Building Games for online activity days

What’s The Aim Of The Game?

Your company is divided into smaller teams and assigned one of three different roles – Leader, Creator or Solver.

Within your roles, you are tasked to complete a different area of the game, while still creating one big picture puzzle.

The leaders of the group are given the whole picture and must help the rest of the group to draw the picture by guidance alone.

The creators have to then draw the picture based on what the leaders are describing. They will need to get their drawings as close as possible to the original image to help create one bigger picture.

The solvers of the group are tasked throughout the game to work out puzzles, earning the teams more points and revealing sections of the original picture – helping the creators with their work.

This Virtual Team Building Game helps teams to work collaboratively as they will have to work seamlessly together to create one final big picture!

Our virtual team building game aims to bring teams closer by promoting communication and time management skills – helping them to operate exceptionally in the real workplace.

We can combine this Virtual Picture Team Building Game with other Interactive Online Games to create a full entertainment package, perfect for Remote Team Building Days, Corporate Events or any team-based Virtual Event.

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