Rubik’s Cube Artist

Our Rubik’s Cube Artist creates stunning portraits and designs by just using Rubik’s cubes! Perfect for Art Installations and Corporate Events

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Rubik’s Cube Artist:

  • Has been solving Rubik’s cubes since 2009
  • Created artwork for celebrity clients
  • Highly customisable Rubik’s cube painting portraits
  • Hire artists for live art shows and installations
  • Previously worked for high-end clients

Rubik’s cube art is an iconic statement piece that will become the ultimate talking point at your event.

Our Artistic Performers are renowned for being out-of-the-box designers and creators – our Rubik Artist is no exception.

This artist has previously created Rubik’s cube painting portraits of famous faces such as John Lennon, Will Smith, The Rock, Cara Delevingne and more.

Moreover, our Rubik’s Cube Art Designer has recently completed an art installation for Disneyland Paris in their New York Hotel of the Marvel hero Black Widow.

Rubik’s Cube Art can be utilised at a variety of events including Brand Activations and Product Launches, our Rubik Artist can create brand logos and products by just using colourful cube designs.

In addition, hire artists for live art demonstrations at Gala Dinners and Conference Events. Our Rubik’s Cube Art Designer can create a showcase statement piece for your guests to enjoy that will be talked about for years to come!

Whatever the design, our Rubik’s cube painting can be customised to fit the client’s needs, both in terms of subject, duration and size.

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