Live Event Painter

Our Live Event Painter is the perfect addition to ensure that your wedding or any other exclusive event is made even more memorable.

This incredible artist creates an original oil painting of the scene, portraying the room during the event and its guests!

This is a thoroughly good way for your guests to enjoy your event even more because your guests can come and see the painting whilst our talented artist is painting and are guaranteed to be in awe of the beautiful piece.

Even though our painter is based in the USA, he is more than willing to travel across the world to ensure that you have a painting that will remind you of your special day.

Our artist is available for hire for weddings (including Indian weddings), corporate events, gala dinners and any other special event in London, the UK and Internationally.

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Witness the talents of our Live Event Painter for yourself! Our incredible artist will ensure that you have a painting of your special day which you can keep forever. This professional painter paints with incredible detail and will be a fantastic feature to your event.

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