Rubik’s Cube Artist

Giovanni Contardi, better known by his Instagram tag @jvenb, is a world-famous Rubik’s Cube Artist who can recreate a famous portrait or logo in less than two hours! He is the world’s first Full-Time Rubik’s Cube Artist.

He can perform a Live Rubik’s cube Art show where he can build a mosaic made out of hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes in front of an audience.

During the performance, Giovanni can interact with the audience, showing his speedcubing skills. Giovanni is a former World Record holder in speedcubing, achieving over 65 National Records (Italy); he can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 8 seconds!

This unique art form attracts huge crowds because it is such a unique art form. As a result, this show works great for Exhibitions, Product Launches, Public Events, Brand Activations and Social Media campaigns. Not only will you draw in huge crowds, but you can also benefit from his huge Instagram following (+350k followers).

Before performing a Live Rubik’s Cube Art Show, the client can see what the Artwork will look like before the event to ensure the final piece reflects the project. The Rubik’s Cube artwork can be fully customized to fit the client’s needs, both in terms of subject, duration, and size.

Giovanni has worked with the likes of Sony Pictures, Reebok and Nickelodeon.

Reasons To Book Giovanni Contardi:

  • He is a world-famous Rubik’s Cube Artist with a huge online following (350k followers and verified account on Instagram @jvenb)
  • The Rubik’s Cube Art can be fully customized by the client and is very adaptable
  • The Live Art Show will generate huge online and social media engagement; crowds always take a huge number of photos and videos
  • Giovanni can promote your event on his own Instagram account; perfect for boosting Brand Awareness
  • This Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Artist has worked with the likes of Sony, Premier League and GoDaddy
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Giovanni explains how he created a business out of creating Rubik’s cube portraits and how he got his work recognised by the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Will Smith!

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