Crystal Winged Ballerina Dancers

Our crystal winged ballet dancers create a magical touch to your event. With their stunning costumes that were designed for Swarovski, they perform mesmerising routines.

Their chests light up with an led light Swarovski crystals that sparkle & catch the light so beautifully it is extremely eye-catching.

Theses stunning ballerinas perform choreography on ballet pointe with their large, spiralling wings making beautiful patterns, all in unison. When booking these awe-inspiring ballet performers you are safe in the knowledge that your guests will be hugely impressed with the artistry and glamour of these brilliant ballet dancers.

Perfect for: Christmas Events, Winter Wonderland Events, Shopping Centre Entertainment and more.

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Watch Our Crystal Winged Ballerina Dancers In Action!

Take a look at these spectacular acts ballet dancers in action. They perform at events all over the world and for many different clients.

From Christmas events such as corporate Christmas parties to Shopping centres and experiential campaigns. Great entertainment for all event themes.

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