Cadbury’s Purple Christmas Tree Theme’s

The ‘Cadbury’s Carnival’ Purple, Pink and Blue Christmas Tree was designed for our clients at the Trafalgar Hotel in London. This beautifully bespoke Christmas tree features an explosive range of colours and decorations that create a fiesta of Christmas fun!

Combining the vibrant colours of Christmas and the chocolate brand Cadbury’s, this tree features a selection of hand-picked decorations and fabrics as well as a selection of LED and floodlights.

Designs We Offer:

  • Violet, Gold and Green Christmas Tree
  • UV Pink and Blue Christmas Tree
  • LED Purple, Green, Pink and Yellow Decorated Tree
  • Carnival Inspired Tree with Masquerade Ornaments
  • Pink and Blue Tree with flower ornaments and Luxury Fabrics

Clients have Booked:

Trafalgar Hotel: This tree was personally designed for the Trafalgar Hotel as an original tree. Our client wanted for us to combine the magic of Christmas with the cheer of the Cadbury’s branding colours to bring joy and colour to the Hotel’s spaces.

Bespoke Options:

The Cadbury’s Carnival Purple and Blue Christmas Tree is a great example of the vibrant, eye-catching trees we can offer for your Christmas party here at Julia Charles Event Management. We can take whatever idea or colour scheme that you have in mind to turn it into a fully decorated Christmassy masterpiece for you to show off!

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Add the joy of Christmas and Cadbury’s Carnival to your Party!

We always design our trees specially for our clients, which means that there are no two identical trees! If you happen to love the Cadbury’s Carnival Blue Christmas Tree, we can create one bespoke for you.

Or if you are looking for a completely original, never seen before design, we can also help you come up with the concept and create your own branded tree from scratch.

We Also Supply

  • Pink Christmas garlands
  • Poinsettias and colourful greenery
  • Blue and Violet Desktop Displays
  • Festive Arrangements in different colours
  • Baubles and Green Christmas ornaments

If you want to know more about our Christmas Services, such as Christmas Tree Design, make sure to get in touch to find out how we work.

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