Chinese Fan Dance Group

Our Chinese Fan Dancers are sure to amaze with their classical Chinese silk fan dance!

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Chinese fan dance group:

  • Duration: Perform as part of a 15-20 minute oriental dance show
  • Chinese fan dancers act can perform as stand-alone entertainment
  • Available for virtual or live performances
  • Dancers perform traditional Chinese fan dance
  • Book Chinese New Year entertainment

Our Chinese fan dancers act is the perfect addition to any virtual or live Chinese New Year entertainment. Available to book for corporate events or parties, this oriental dance show will showcase the traditional Chinese fan dance to your guests.

This Chinese fan dancers act performs as part of a larger oriental dance show, it can also be booked as a stand-alone act to provide short pop-up entertainment.

The Chinese fan dance is used to help pass down Chinese culture and traditions, our traditional Chinese fan dancers show incorporates colourful costumes with elaborate silk fans to showcase displays eye-catching movement.

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