Chinese Guqin Musician

Our traditional Chinese Guqin Musician is a talented Chinese Zither Player who guarantees to create an impact no matter where she performs.

Reasons To Book Our Chinese Guqin Musician:

  • Available to perform Online (as an online experience / Zoom call) or in a physical setting (such as a museum, exhibition)
  • Our Chinese Zither Player has a unique background with a PhD in Musicology and more (see below)
  • The perfect option for traditional Chinese New Year Events and Celebrations
  • Experience performing in front of a range of audiences – suitable for all types of events and audiences
  • Expert Chinese Zither Musician that will not fail to impress no matter where or how she performs!

Available to perform for Online Events as an online, virtual experience, our traditional Chinese Qin Performer captivates viewers playing traditional melodies with her Guqin instrument. A Guqin (also called a Qin) is a seven-stringed Chinese musical instrument with over 2500 years of history in Chinese Culture and labelled “the father of Chinese music”.

As a talented Chinese Zither Player, our musician captivates viewers no matter where (or how) she performs. This Qin Player not only plays the traditional Guqin instrument but also sings to put together an engaging and captivating performance. On top of this, our Zither player is also a recognised author, writing several articles around the Guqin Instrument, with two books based on the Zither Instrument’s history.

Chinese Qin Player For Virtual Events: Key Points

  • Virtual Qin Performances can be performed LIVE or pre-recorded (to meet your needs and requirements)
  • Duration 15-30 minutes (depending on your needs and requirements)
  • Our Virtual Chinese Musician is multi-lingual, speaking English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), as well as French

Our Chinese Zither Player has a repertoire of over fifty pieces, which include her own compositions.

Treasured by traditional Chinese musical fanatics, the performances of our Chinese Guqin Musician are suitable for all types of audiences, from guests at Art Galleries, Museums, Exhibitions and Cultural Events.

More recently, our Zither Player has adapted her performances to be suitable for Online Events and as a result, our musician can perform LIVE on Zoom Calls and more.

If you’d like to find out more about our traditional Chinese musician, please get in contact with a member of the team to find out more.

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Read More About Our Chinese Qin Musician

With a PhD in Musicology from the University of Paris, becoming a master on the Qin, this talented Qin Musician has given lectures and performances at venues including the likes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Oxford University, Beijing University and more.

On top of this, our talented Chinese Guqin Musician has been a Director for Chinese Kun Opera and Guqin Research Association, as well as being on the Academic board of the Chendu International Qin Conference: this musician is an expert in this field, to say the least.

Our Traditional Qin Player can also perform online for Virtual Chinese New Year Parties or simply as an Online Experience. Our traditional Chinese musician has experience performing for a range of clients in the UK and around the World.

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