Red Chinese Lion Dancing

Our Red Chinese Lion Dancers will create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere by bringing the infamous cultures of China to your Chinese New Year Celebration or Event in 2022.

Reasons To Book Red Chinese Lion Dancing:

  • Our Red Chinese Lion Dancers are the perfect performers to book for Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • This unique performance is a truly memorable experience for anyone involved
  • Our Chinese Dancers are available to book for Private, Corporate and Retail Clients in the UK
  • These Dancers always draw a crowd no matter where they go (making them great for Street Parades!)
  • Our Dancers provide a truly authentic Chinese Spring Festival experience

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The Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed for good luck around special occasions, such as the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Our talented Lion Dancers will perform renowned lion dances at your event which is guaranteed to catch the eyes of all your guests at your event. We find these performers are great for drawing in huge crowds due to their amazing eye-catching costumes and exhilarating performances.

Clothed in the vibrant and traditional colours of China, our Red Chinese Lion Dancers will put on a compelling performance that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Chinese Lion Dancing is in high demand across the world and you have the opportunity to book this fast-growing entertainment source for your event.

The Lion symbolises power, wisdom and superiority in the Chinese culture, so Lion Dances are performed at Chinese Festivals and other special occasions to bring prosperity and good like for the coming year.

Performed by two dancers in a bespoke and striking Lion Costume, our dancers become the ‘body’ of the lion and imitate lion movements and demonstrate martial arts abilities to create a truly spectacular dance routine.

Book our Red Chinese Lion Dancers for Chinese New Year, Product Launches, Private Events and much more in the UK, Australia and Internationally.

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