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Celebrate Chinese New Year With Our Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment

With the success of our virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment in 2021, we’re bringing you even more virtual Lunar New Year options for Chinese New Year 2022- the year of the tiger!

We have a whole host of Online Chinese New Year Entertainment options to help you celebrate the year of the Tiger in style. Incorporating Chinese Traditions with Virtual Entertainment to create a mosaic of amazing Virtual Chinese Themed Entertainment.

All of our Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment options are performed by incredibly talented performers. Incorporating tradition and talent to celebrate the Spring Festival in 2022.

We cater to all kinds of individuals looking to book Online Chinese New Year Entertainment. From large Hotel Chains to Restaurants, Banks, Private, Corporate and Retail clients.

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Why Should I book Online Chinese new year entertainment?

Our Online Chinese New Year Entertainment has become a really popular option for our clients looking to celebrate Chinese New Year virtually.

With so much on offer and the ability to have guests tune in from across the World, what’s not to love about booking Online Chinese New Year Entertainment?

Some of the traditional Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment we have on offer includes traditional Virtual Lion Dance Performances, Chinese Fan Dancers and Online Chinese Circus Performances.

This year we are also offering some incredible Virtual Chinese New Year Workshops and Chinese New Year Online Activities, celebrating many aspects of Chinese culture. These include Virtual Chinese Brush Painting, Online Zodiac Inspired Origami and much more.

We are keen to help our clients celebrate the year of the Tiger with our exceptional Virtual Lunar New Year Entertainment. Our slots for our Virtual Chinese New Year Workshops and other Online Chinese New Year Activities and Entertainment are already booking up!

Get in contact to find out more about our Chinese New Year Virtual Entertainment and Chinese New Year Online Workshops.

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Live EVent Chinese New Year Entertainment Options

Not only do we offer a fantastic array of virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment, but we also offer fantastic live Chines New Year options too!

Whether you’re looking for traditional Chinese performers such as lion dancers to provide entertainment for an outdoor parade or Chinese acrobats to entertain guests at a gala dinner event!

We’ve got a huge selection of authentic and entertainment live Chinese New Year Entertainment options to suit all kinds of events and audiences.

You keep even combine live and virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment options by booking a Lunar New Year inspired virtual workshop followed by a brilliant leaping lion dancer performance live and in person!

Additionally, we also offer extensive Chinese New Year event theming options. Enabling us to completely transform any venue space into a Chines New Year themed event space!


Covid-safe Chinese New Year Entertainment Hire

We can provide Chinese New Year Entertainment that can be used for Hybrid Events maintaining social distancing and Covid-Safe practices.

Perhaps you’d like to arrange for a Lion Dancer to come to your offices to perform, but still have a large number of colleagues working remotely?

Not only can we arrange for our lion dancers to come into your offices and entertain your co-workers, but we can also live stream the whole thing so remote workers can still join in.

We can also provide Virtual Studios to film your Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment in. Or even offer Mobile Studios that can be transported to any location to capture your Chinese New Year event entertainment.

Furthermore, with all of our Live and Hybrid Events, we offer a comprehensive list of ‘pick and mix’ Covid-Safe options. Therefore allowing our clients to put in as many precautions as they’d like to reassure guests attending the event.

We are the best in providing entertainment and activities for your Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration.

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