‘Pink Champagne’ Rose Gold Christmas Tree

The ‘Pink Champagne’ Rose Gold Christmas Tree was designed using a combination of light Champagnes, soft pinks and rich bronzes, to create a look of delicate femininity, while still retaining a feel of classic, festive Christmas.

We also featured a range of handmade decorations and ornaments such as birdcages, leaves, flowers and baubles.

Designs We Offer:

  • Pink, Golden and Rose Gold Christmas Tree
  • White, Yellow, Silver Tree with Pink Baubles
  • Cream, Golden, and Pink Frosted Christmas Tree
  • LED lights with Pearl and Flower Ornaments Tree
  • Bronze Sleigh and Present inspired Rose Gold Christmas Tree

Clients Have Booked:

Ted Baker: Our client Ted Baker Hotels, back in 2015, wanted the Rose Gold Christmas Tree designed in preparation for its grand opening to the public, just before Christmas. The tree was built in the hotel’s luxury ballroom and was enjoyed by guests and passers-by for its entire time with Ted Baker’s Christmas.

Waldorf Hilton London: On this occasion, our client wanted their Christmas Decorations to be inspired by a Christmas magical landscape and the excitement of the presents waiting to be opened on Christmas day. We created this beautiful variation of the Pink Champaign Tree with golden reindeer and sleigh ornaments and rose gold baubles and presents.

Bespoke Options:

This tree is an excellent example of using delicate colours, creative decorations and detailed toppers to create something that truly represents your own bespoke Christmas experience. Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we work hard to create designs that are exclusive for each client, meaning each tree is completely unique to you and is sure to never be used anywhere else again.

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Can I Book the Rose Gold Christmas Tree?

Yes, you can! Ad we will create it bespoke for you!

Let us explain: all of our bespoke trees are designed having one specific client in mind. However, whilst we don’t do exact replicas of a client tree, we can create your own version for you to keep.

If you come to us with an idea or branding in mind, we can design the tree or even the Christmas Decorations for your entire event to incorporate your ideas. We will source or even create all of the ornaments and install them for you so that you do not have to worry about a thing.

We Also Supply

  • Desktop Displays
  • Christmas garlands
  • Poinsettias and flowers
  • Baubles and ornaments
  • Festive Arrangements in different colour schemes

If you want to know more about our Christmas Services, such as Christmas Tree Design, make sure to get in touch and we will make it happen!

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