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Assembling the Ideas

The Hippodrome Casino, London approached us to decorate their Casino after seeing our bespoke Christmas Decorations online. As a result, they wanted the Hippodrome Casino to be more magical than any other Christmas before. Being that the Hippodrome Casino is a huge space, each Christmas Decoration needed to be bespoke built.

Following our initial concepts and proposals, we had agreed to make the Casino look like ‘Vegas at Christmas’. As a result, we sent Photoshop concepts of how the Christmas Decorations could look in each area of the Casino. This was a huge Christmas Project that took a year of planning, 4 months of preparation, and a 3-day installation process.

The Client Required:

  • We created the extravagant ‘Vegas at Christmas’ concept for the Hippodrome Casino
  • Our Team spent 4 months building hundreds of Bespoke Christmas Tree and Christmas Decoration Designs
  • The Hippodrome Casino to have both Indoor and Outdoor Bespoke Christmas Decorations

Adding our Expertise

Following the proposals, we spent months designing and pre-building the Christmas Decorations. All of which were unique and specific to each themed area of the Hippodrome Casino. We carefully crafted bespoke Christmas Decorations and designs for each area of the building, all requiring precise measurements.

As the Hippodrome Casino is in Leicester Square, London, the logistics were challenging to say the least. On top of this, the Casino was going to be open for the duration of the installation.

As a result, we needed to organise path closures and work around customers, Casino employees and the public. We had to be extremely conscious of health and safety at all times.

  • We created bespoke Christmas Decorations and Designs tailored to numerous themes
  • Custom-built luxury Christmas Decorations covering indoors and outdoor
  • Huge bespoke design incorporating the Hippodrome Casino logo at the front of the building
  • Planned installation in consideration of difficult logistics

Admiring the results

The Hippodrome Casino were extremely delighted with the services provided. We actually received a comment from a passer-by saying ‘Wow, this looks like Vegas’ as we were setting up, which was exactly how we intended it to look! The Hippodrome Casino looked absolutely magical once we had finished and months of hard work had paid off.

We’re really proud of how we managed to create so many bespoke Christmas Decorations and deliver on such a complicated Christmas Project. We are thrilled to be able to add something of such scale and quality to our portfolio.

What We Achieved:

  • Achieved the ‘Las Vegas’ atmosphere we set out to with the concept
  • Successfully installed Christmas Decorations and designs around complex logistical aspects
  • The Hippodrome Casino and their employees were stunned with the results

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