The Acrobatic Golden Silks

Our glamorous golden girls will create a dazzling time at your next event.

These talented aerial silk performers have been performing around the world and locally for over 12 years. This 70’s-themed circus show if full of sass and glitz and will be sure to entertain everyone at your next event.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  •  Have over 12 years of experience
  •  Internationally-renowned aerialist who’ve performed in Dubai, China & Libya
  •  Glamorous acrobatic aerial show
  •  Previous clients include; BBC, Glastonbury Festival & Dubai Shopping Festival
  •  A high-impact show performed to an exciting soundtrack
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Our aerial silk circus performers will create a fun-filled time for everyone at your next event. These glittering acrobatic circus performers perform in perfect sync as they climb, roll, tumble and do the splits in mid-air.

This high-octane aerial circus show is performed, by our aerial performers, to an incredible soundtrack that is sure to get people involved. Our aerial silk performers have many years of performing experience and will provide an unlimited amount of fun at your next event.

These circus performers are all about creating a unique and original circus show that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

These aerial performers are a stunning circus act duo who will provide the best time possible for all your guests. Our graceful aerial performers easily climb their golden silks and then float and suspend themselves in mid-air whilst delivering unrivalled sass.

These 2 circus performers have all the charm and spirit of the ’70s and ’80s. These aerial silk performers will be sure to take you back in time with their 70’s & 80’s-themed costumes. Our aerial performers are a circus duo who have over 12 years of experience.

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UK-based acrobatic aerial silk performers available to hire for gala dinners.

Our graceful circus performers make performing in the air completely effortless. Through their fluid aerial moves, our circus performers will blow you away with their thrilling aerial stunts.

Dressed in golden disco outfits, our aerial silk performers are the perfect cirque-style entertainment to book for 70’s and 80’s-themed events. The disco-themed aerial silk performers are quirky and provide a unique take on the traditional circus shows. These sassy circus performers have performed around the world are always looking for the next exciting location to perform at.

The soundtrack that our aerial performers perform to is sure to get everyone up and dancing along with them. These elegant circus performers are highly-skilled acrobat aerial performers and will easily go into the splits or turn themselves upside down whilst keeping their amazing balance and poise. Our graceful circus performers will be sure to leave your guests completely mesmerized.

Our synchronized aerial silk performers are perfectly timed in every way and effortlessly mirror one another as they rotate and pose. Our circus performer’s exciting aerial routine has been flawlessly choreographed and will be sure to get members of the audience moving to the well-known soundtrack. These aerial performers have toured around the world, performing in countries such as China, Dubai and Libya.

Some of our aerial performer’s previous clients include; BBC, Glastonbury Festival and the Dubai Shopping Festival. These internationally-renowned aerial performers will be sure to create the perfect atmosphere for any event. Having performed for so many prestigious clients, our circus performers will be sure to dazzle your guests.

Our talented acrobatic aerial silk performers are a breathtaking duo who will stun you with their death-defying routines, stances and moves. The acrobatic aerialists are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; award ceremonies, corporate events or gala dinners in Bristol and across the UK. If you would like to book our aerial performers, please get in contact today.

Book our acrobatic aerialists for 1970's-themed events in Bristol & the UK.

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