Aerial Acrobat Bubble

Is it only a soap bubble or is it the most graceful combination of acrobatics and a transparent sphere? At any rate, the guests at your event will have their breath taken away when the elegance of the performer merges with the life-size crystal ball in a moving show that rises up into the air.

Right from the start, with subtle elegance, the performer enters into an absorbing dialogue with The Bubble – the artistic embellishment of this aesthetic presentation. At one moment it would seem as though the ball holds her prisoner, and then The Bubble opens up at a dizzying height giving this perfect artistic show new space and depth of expression.

All this is staged with a love of perfection and presented with breathtaking skill – over the heads of the magnetised audience at a gala dinner, on a theatre stage or in the middle of a circus ring.

Our obligation to entertainment at events of any kind ensures that this act is the magical crown – with a creative show of the very highest ability, with finesse and artistic aesthetics. Rarely is gracefulness so captivating? Your guests will always continue to be elated by this show.

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Watch Our Aerial Acrobat Bubble In Action!

Here is some footage of this amazing and unique aerial performance. If you are looking for aerial routines and aerial entertainers for your event with a twist then this is one to take into consideration. It is different, unique and as circus entertainment goes, simply stunning.

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