Halloween Juggling Act

This eye-catching, Halloween walkabout act will be a valuable addition to any event.

Our contact juggling performer will put your guests in a state of hypnosis as she effortlessly floats her crystal ball orbs around her body in a magical, spell-like way.

This witch act is in a world of her own in terms of her fluid skill in the rare, specialised skillset of contact juggling and object manipulation.

Reasons to Book Our Halloween Juggling Act:

  • An essential part of any Halloween-themed event
  • Will leave your guests in awe of her abilities – she is a very unique, talented juggling walkabout act
  • Our witch act can perform globally – she has prior experience in Singapore, Lisbon and more
  • Impressive client list including Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons Hotels and Wrigleys
  • Suitable in several situations – meet and greet, corporate events, table entertainment…
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Our enchanting juggling walkabout act is an essential addition to any event. With the unique talent that this crystal ball performer brings, she will be a very valuable and unique addition to any event that will make yours stand out from the rest. This witch act is not only suitable for Halloween events, but also corporate events, family-friendly events and much more.

Our crystal ball performer for hire is very well known for her witch act, because of her impressive, colourful witch costumes. This juggling walkabout act brings her crystal balls to life as she effortlessly floats them around her body – this contact juggling act will really wow your audience and leave them with an experience to remember.

Our Halloween walkabout act has a wealth of experience, and even travels worldwide to provide the experience of contact juggling – she has been to Lisbon, Singapore, Madrid and more. This witch act also has an impressive list of clients she has worked with, including Mercedes-Benz, Wrigley, Ministry Of Sound and more.

In the realm of contact juggling, our performer is a crystal ball performer, who move crystal balls around their hands and body in ways you wouldn’t believe. It puts the viewer in a state of hypnosis as the balls appear to magically float around their body. Our Halloween walkabout act is a master of this, which is why she has been so successful in the field.

As a result of the skillset our witch act possesses, she has had very positive feedback from big and small corporations alike. Contact juggling provides fun entertainment for all, making her an essential part to any event – she is not just a halloween walkabout act.

For more information on our juggling walkabout act for hire, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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