The Skeletors

Be prepared to be frightened beyond belief by The Skeletors! The Skeletors for hire are a family of spooktacular skeletons who has risen from the dead to bring a scary atmosphere to your event.

Reasons to book The Skeletors:

  • Group of 4 skeletons
  • 20 years of experience
  • Great meet and greet entertainment
  • Can mime, roller-skate and walk on stilts
  • Performed at London Olympic ceremony
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Watch our Halloween entertainment in action

Watch our skeleton Halloween entertainers in action. The Group of four skeleton entertainers is available to book for Halloween-themed events. The Halloween entertainment will keep your guests entertained throughout your event.

Our creepy Halloween entertainers are dressed head to toe in a whole manner of skeleton-related artefacts making them the perfect skeleton Halloween act and Halloween entertainment for your Halloween-themed events.

The family of four skeletons who make up the skeleton Halloween act are the perfect answer to the Addams family and work together seamlessly to create a wonderfully frightening Halloween experience and Halloween entertainment for Halloween-themed events.

This skeleton Halloween act is made up of the fearsome father skeleton who readily leads his family with his cane of bone. The Halloween entertainer is then followed by the other Halloween entertainers, the mother skeleton, daughter skeleton and spider skeleton. The Halloween walkabout act walks on four stilts and the spider skeleton is a sight for sore eyes and will delight in scaring guests as meet and greet or Halloween walkabout entertainment.

Our creepy Halloween entertainers have over 20 years of experience showing that they are skilled Halloween entertainers and have created the skeleton Halloween act with years of experience as Halloween entertainers behind the skeleton Halloween act.

Our Halloween walkabout act and Halloween entertainment have performed for a number of big clients such as the London Olympics opening ceremony, Doubletree by Hilton and HRH Prince Charles showing that the Halloween walkabout act and Halloween entertainment is a popular skeleton Halloween act for many types of Halloween-themed events.

The Halloween walkabout act and Halloween entertainers create Halloween entertainment by miming, roller skating, walking on stilts and more creating a unique Halloween experience at your next Halloween themed event. The Skeleton Halloween act and Halloween walkabout act has the scare factor that would be perfect for your next Halloween-themed event.

These Halloween entertainers and skeleton Halloween act are menacing to the core and will create the perfect scare fest at any Halloween themed event. With a mixture of high-quality Halloween entertainers and Halloween walkabout act, this Skeleton Halloween act will interact perfectly with your guests.

The Halloween entertainers and Halloween entertainment are wonderfully scary and a spooky form of Halloween entertainment that will create the perfect spine-chilling atmosphere at your next Halloween themed event. Our spooky Halloween skeleton act is the perfect Halloween entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; Halloween parties, Halloween-themed events, corporate events and much more.

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