Looking To Transform Your Home This Halloween?

With over fifteen years in the events industry, we transform clients’ homes on an annual basis for Halloween using our bespoke Halloween House Dressing Service.

We have had the pleasure of transforming high-end clients such as Jonathan Ross and surrounding neighbours on Hampstead Way, North London, which is famous for it’s Halloween transformations. If you’re wondering who puts together Jonathan Ross’ Halloween Decorations; it’s us!

Our Halloween Decorating Service Includes:

  • Full set-up and take-down of Halloween Decorations (you won’t have to lift a finger and your home will be returned to it’s original state)
  • Bespoke Halloween Decorations and Props to complete a unique Halloween House transformation
  • Lighting & AV services to create the perfect atmosphere e.g. ambient lighting, background noise
  • Unique Concepts to create a Halloween House Transformation to your taste
  • You can even have Halloween Scare Actors depending on how immersive you want your Haunted House to be!
  • and plenty more options…

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Halloween House Transformation Service

If you’re looking to make an impression this Halloween with your Halloween Decorations and Props, our Halloween house transformation service will be perfect for you!

We have experience producing bespoke Halloween Decorations and Props to transform our clients’ homes for Halloween. Our events team have a real passion for creating Halloween spectacles to bring to your Homes.

Our professional Halloween decorators have experience providing our Halloween House Decoration service for clients up and down the UK and Internationally, delivering unique Halloween House Dressing concepts for a range of client requirements and briefs.

If you’re looking for a company to decorate your home for Halloween this year, you can get in contact with a member of the team to discuss any ideas and concepts you may have and we can discuss what we can do for you!

Experienced Professional Halloween Decorators

We are an experienced events company with over fifteen years in the events industry providing a professional Halloween decoration service amongst other Halloween event services.

You can be rest assured of receiving a high-quality concept that will exceed your expectations and tick all of the boxes for your Halloween House Decorations and Props.

Your house will stand out once our team get their hands on it, delivering a unique Halloween House Dressing service catered to your requirements. We have delivered on client briefs here in the UK and Internationally in areas such as Saudi Arabia!

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Bespoke Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Our Halloween House Dressing services are unique to each and every client they are offered to, which puts our Halloween Decoration Service above our competitors.

To make your Halloween House transformation as special as possible, we create bespoke Outdoor Halloween Decorations and Props to transform your home for Halloween. We always create unique concepts for our Halloween Decoration projects and create bespoke Halloween props and decorations to fulfil them.

For example, for one of our Halloween House Decoration projects we completed for a home on Hampstead Way, North London, we created a bespoke gigantic spider prop to hang on the front of their home.

This prop cannot be found anywhere else and was made possible by our team of professional Halloween decorators. If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke outdoor Halloween decorations and props, get in contact with a member of the team below.

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