Virtual Posing Game

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive Virtual Game to bring to your Zoom Calls, look no further than our Virtual Posing Game!

Price From: £550 + VAT (for up to 30 guests)

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Posing Game:

  • Compete with participants and score them on their efforts!
  • Our Virtual Posing Game is a very fun and interactive experience
  • This is a fantastic team booster and staff morale booster
  • Available to book for clients around the World
  • We have received some amazing feedback so far from clients who have booked this Virtual Posing Game!

This Virtual Posing Game is a fun and interactive game you can play on Zoom with friends, family or staff and is a great way of keeping entertained whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place!

Groups of players compete against each other to pull the best poses over several rounds, scoring each other before the scores are added up and the winner is revealed.

This Virtual Game is a fantastic team-building experience or a Virtual Work Social game available to book today.

How Does Our Virtual Posing Game Work?

  • This Virtual Game is fully customisable
  • Login Via Zoom(or preferred platform)
  • Duration: 30-40 minutes
  • Number of Participants: 4-1000

We can customise this game to be entirely bespoke to you. For example, we can tailer the poses, brand the experience and even whitelabel the game itself if you are a company who want to fully brand the experience; if you are sharing it on social media for example.

Here’s how the game runs:

  • Join the Game
  • The Game Starts: you have 30 seconds to capture your best attempt at a pose
  • Score Opponents once the timer stops
  • Swipe Left (bad), Right (good) or Up (great) to score players
  • The Winner is Revealed!
  • There are several rounds of this
  • A gallery of all entries is available at the end!

This Virtual Posing Game makes for a very fun and engaging experience and is a great way of letting loose and boosting staff morale!

If you have any questions, please get in contact with a member of the team today to discuss more.

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