Virtual Team Building Dragon’s Apprentice Game

Combining two of the UK’s favourite business TV shows our virtual team building  Dragon’s apprentice game is an excellent way of getting your team working together virtually.

Price from: £45pp + VAT

Minimum booking of 10 attendees

REASONS TO BOOK OUR VIRTUAL Team building Dragon’s apprentice game

  • Duration:1/1.5 hours
  • Attendees: from 10-200 people
  • Guests will be split into 5 teams
  • 3 fun mini-challenges to gain extra points throughout the game
  • Excellent virtual team building activity
  • Dedicated presenter hosting the whole event
  • Ability to record the event
  • Team photos taken at the virtual event for people to see post-event

Challenge your team’s teamwork skills, ability to think quickly, pitch well and be creative with this brilliant team building event.

Take a look down the page to see how it works and what’s included!


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How Virtual Team Building Dragon’s Apprentice Works

Your virtual team building dragon’s apprentice will be structured as follows:

Invite all your guests onto a Zoom call, our host will be ready to introduce the game to all of your attendees and oversee the running of the event. Groups are broken down into 5 teams and are each challenged to find a household item from around their home.

Once they have found the item, each team will split into their breakout rooms on Zoom and be challenged to come up with a new use for this item. Each team will have 20 minutes to come up with their winning pitch to sell the new item that would impress the likes of business tycoons, Deborah and Peter!

Furthermore, each team will only be allowed 2 minutes to impress the other teams and impartial judge. We love adding a little spice and laughter to our events, therefore, each team will be given a ridiculous word that they have to try and squeeze into their pitch without being detected or risk giving extra points to opposing teams!

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Dragon’s Apprentice Challenges

Not only will you be set the challenge of pitching your item, but we will also include mini-game challenges.

These mini-game challenges will help your team to score extra points to come out on top!

The 3 fun mini-game challenges are:

Emoji Charades– This will test your team’s film knowledge and ability to think outside of the box. Everyone will be shown a set of emojis that once put together will make up a famous film. Therefore, to score the points you must be the quickest person to send the correct answer via the chat function.

Mystery Item- In this mini-challenge, we will present to the teams the most obscure and random items we have found across the internet. We will then ask the teams to identify the use of these items. The more correct answer they come up with the more points they’ll score!

Did They Invest?- In this mini-challenge, we will take a look back at some iconic ‘Den’ moments and teams must guess whether the pitch received investment from the dragons. Get ready to see some of the most random pitches from the show, you might even spot some familiar faces!

The best thing about booking our virtual team building dragon’s apprentice game is that its highly interactive, fun and will get you remote team working collaboratively as a team.

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