Knife Throwing Show

Knife throwing is one of the oldest types of entertainment forms. The thrower of knives shows unique art with the use of deadly tricks.

His assistant is the target, guests will watch on in amazement as her nerve is tested. Sharp knives crash into a wooden board near it, creating the strongest atmosphere of risk and excitement.

The task of the thrower isn’t simply to throw knives into a wooden board near the girl’s body. Its purpose is to show the best sides of the skill, the highest professionalism. For this reason, the knives piercing into a wooden board missing her by only several centimetres is truly a feat of strength. Each throw of a knife is an intrigue, it is the impudent attack of the thrower reflecting his confidence in the abilities.

The knife-thrower himself has spent every day of the last 25 years training and perfecting this amazing skill. The trust between the knife-thrower and his assistant is something to behold in itself. This extreme stunt show is an amazing entertainment option to hire for gala dinners, corporate events and much more.

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