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Looking to book a Knife Throwing Show for your event?

If you are looking for something death-defying, something extreme but something that also holds the values of traditional circus entertainment then look no further. Our Knife Throwing Shows are just what you need.

These extreme shows have been an important part of the circus for hundreds of years and are also a reason why circus’ has remained so popular. Our Knife Throwing Shows will blow you away with dangerous but thrilling stunts.

These amazing performers and shows come from all over the world and have thus performed to audiences and crowds of all ages and sizes from all around the world.

These circus shows are full of brilliant entertainment that is sure to keep your guests on the edge of their seats. Our fully trained and skilled knife throwers combine axe throwing, knife throwing and spear throwing skills into their shows along with a comedic element.

Knife Throwing Show for hire. Book our extreme circus act for gala dinners, corporate events or product launches in London & the UK.

So you will be treated to a comedic show as well as a thrilling performance. These performers have a wealth of training and experience that has led to them becoming some of the best at what they do in the world.

Our Knife Throwing Show from Russia are the epitome of death-defying stunts and excitement. This traditional knife-throwing team will amaze you with the perfectly timed and choreographed stunts, tricks and skills. You and your guests will not only be fearful of the knife throwing but also of their costumes.

The knife-thrower wears unique but frightening costumes, whereas his assistant and target wear beautifully designed costumes. The contrast of the pair will add an extra element of heart-stopping entertainment to the show. Guests will be left awe-struck as each time the knife lands precariously close to the assistant who is stood stuck to the wooden board.

Our Knife Throwing Shows are truly spectacular to behold. These talented and experienced performers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for gala dinners, circus-themed events, product launches and much more.

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