Jenny Radcliffe ‘People Hacker’ – UK

This powerful female speaker will be a fantastic educational speaker for a variety of events, with her unusual, interesting background in social engineering / ‘people hacking,’ lie detection and body language. This corporate speaker has been “socially engineering” her way into organisations, buildings and landmarks from an early age, and is now a top security consultant focussed on the “human element” of cybersecurity.

Jenny, the educational speaker, will enable your guests to take away valuable knowledge, tips and advice from her talks and apply these skills to themselves and their roles immediately. She is a top female speaker.

Reasons to Book This Speaker

  • This educational speaker has a truly unique and interesting background in ‘people hacking’
  • Our corporate speaker is a top security consultant who is is an expert in body language and lie-detecting
  • This motivational business speaker has worked with some top clients including Barclays and Allianz
  • Jenny is a powerful female speaker that will really motivate, engage and intrigue your audience
  • A personable, entertaining and educational speaker – she will be a hit at your event
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This corporate speaker has a very interesting and completely unique background that you will not find in any other educational speaker. This inspirational female speaker is a huge hit at her events – watch the applause she gets as she enters and exits the stage!

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Jenny is truly a one-of-a-kind motivational business speaker who is hired by organisations to “break” their security systems using psychological methods. The corporate speaker “hacks” the people in order to make organisations safer and more secure and she can share her methods, experiences and insights with you.

This corporate speaker has worked with some top clients, including the likes of BT, Allianz and Barclays, and has taken the stage with talks and unique perspective at many top security conferences, universities and corporate events across the world.

This after dinner speaker is an expert in security, lie-detection, negotiation, body language, influence and persuasion, and her talks on these topics are interactive, entertaining and fast-paced.

If you are interested in booking this female speaker, or are looking for a motivational business speaker, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team – we are here to help!

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