Josh the Close-Up Magician

A truly mysterious character, our magician Josh has an urban flair for creating a unique experience through the art of magic.

Our close-up magician has a unique appearance that makes him more exciting.

Reasons to book these artists

  • Ideal for weddings, corporate events and more
  • Offers walkabout close-up magic; stage shows
  • UK based and available internationally
  • This entertainer is an experienced magician
  • Can offer shows up to 4 hours long
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Josh’s Magic Showreel

In this showreel of Josh the Magician, you can see some of the amazing tricks and illusions that this magician is capable of. This showreel is only a peak of Josh’s magical abilities. You’ll have to find out what else is possible at your next event…

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Our close-up magician Josh has a huge skill set of deceptions and magic and would be the perfect illusionist for your next event. Our walkabout magician offers everything from insane street magic to impressive displays.

Our illusionist and the close-up magician can accommodate a wide range of clients through both pre-determined shows and bespoke walkabout magician performances.

Our close- up magician specialises in deception, therefore, your guests will be wowed by his unique tricks. This interactive entertainment is set to get your guests involved and give them a wonderful magic show. The illusionist loves to get the audience involved with his magic shows whether it be asking a member of the audience to come up on stage or borrowing something to use for a magic trick. Our Walkabout magician will leave your guests in awe, wondering how the close-up magician manages to do these fantastic tricks.

Our walkabout magician is happy to share his magic shows at large events, corporate events and private events. The illusionist can change aspects of the walkabout magician’s magic show and make the magic show longer or shorter depending on the requirements of your event. Not only does our close-up magician offer magic shows, the close-up magician also offers close-up magic to give the event a more personalised magic feel.

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corporate entertainment and after dinner entertainment in the UK for awards, conferences and more.

Our walkabout magician is available for 1-4 hours depending on the requirement of each event. The illusionist has received many great testimonials stating that the illusionist is ‘an amazing magician’ and ‘the walkabout magician completely blows our guests away’.

The walkabout magician has worked with clients such as Radio Times and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, showing the popularity of the walkabout magician. Wowing the guests of some big-name clients highlighting how brilliant the walkabout magicians magic shows truly are.

Our illusionist and close-up magician are available to book for corporate events, festivals and family fun days in London and the UK. The walkabout magician will blow your guests away with the close-up magician’s deceptive magic shows. Hire our walkabout magician and close-up magician for your next event and be sure that your event will be unforgettable.

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