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Parham Donyai, an entrepreneur guest speaker is great for motivating your guests at your event with his inspirational story and experienced knowledge in the field of business and being an entrepreneur. Our inspirational speaker will motivate your audience to push themselves and be their best through sharing his success behind the LA Muscle franchise he built.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • This business speaker is the founder of LA Muscle – a successful franchise
  • Our inspirational speaker is very experienced in the business field
  • Our business keynote speaker has the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • This inspirational speaker spoke at the huge event ‘The Great British Business Show’ in 2017
  • Our business speaker will truly motivate your guests and share his great knowledge in the field
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Our business keynote speaker, Parham Donyai will be a valuable addition to any event with his vast knowledge in the field of business and entrepreneurship. He is an entrepreneur guest speaker who has found success through his LA Muscle franchise and uses this to spread his proven knowledge in the field.

This business speaker provides a variety of performance options, such as “The Mindset of an Entrepreneur”, and “How to Run a Successful Business”, making our business keynote speaker suitable for a variety of events. This business speaker has a vast, proven knowledge in the world of business and entrepreneurship, which is what makes our keynote speaker such a success in the industry and in his own franchise LA Muscle. Our keynote speaker will be a valuable business speaker to a range of audiences, whatever their goal/motivations.

This inspirational speaker has testimonials to prove his valuable knowledge in entrepreneurship and shows how he truly motivates and educates his audience, whatever the event: “What a speech, very inspirational and motivating. Just shows the power of the mind, which I will be applying more of from now” – Javahn Maistry. This successful entrepreneur guest speaker has proven his worth in the guest speaking industry through his testimonials.

For more information on our inspirational speaker, Parham Donyai, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team. We can also refer you to other speakers like our entrepreneur guest speaker.

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