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Penny Mallory is the perfect motivational speaker with her vast, impressive background. Penny was the first woman in the World to compete in a World Rally Car, defying all the odds against her. She is now a corporate guest speaker, motivating and challenging her audience to think about how they could “up their game” to think and behave like a world-class performer.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Penny Mallory has a completely unique and very motivating background
  • She is a very experienced female speaker with over 20 years of experience
  • Our business keynote speaker has worked with the likes of BMW and Sony (just to name a few)
  • She is a very powerful female speaker who will really motivate and inspire her guests
  • A very sought-after motivational speaker who will create a very professional presentation for your event
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Watch some snippets of Penny Mallory in action!

Watch the video to the right to see some snippets of our keynote speaker, Penny Mallory, in action. The video really shows the experience our motivational speaker holds, and how this has built her up to be the powerful female speaker she is today. Our corporate guest speaker mainly uses her inspiring background as a centre point for her business keynote speaker presentations, and aims to challenge her audience to think about how they could “up their game” by thinking and behaving like a world-class performer. Penny is truly a leading corporate guest speaker.

Penny Mallory, the first female in the world to compete in a World Rally Car, is a very powerful, inspirational motivational speaker. With her unique, moving story, she is the perfect keynote speaker to really motivate and inspire your audience at your event. Her background is full of ups and downs, going from a “homeless waster” to a “Rally Champion”, defying all the odds. She was always told she was the “wrong sex” and was “too old” to achieve her dream of becoming a Rally Driver. This inspirational story has made her a powerful corporate guest speaker – she uses her story to show there is no limit to what you achieve if you are determined and focused. She is now a very sought-after female speaker.

This business keynote speaker has worked with some very impressive clients, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Sony, Tesco, and several vehicle manufacturers. This female speaker is a very experienced, professional keynote speaker – and there is a reason for this. Our professional business keynote speaker uses her unique, inspirational story to really motivate and challenge audiences at her motivational speaker events. This female speaker challenges her audiences to ‘up their game’ to think and behave like a world champion.

Penny, the business keynote speaker, is also suitable for a variety of events, with the variety her background provides. This is proven by the variety of clients she has worked for, and the extensive list of events she has been a motivational speaker for. Penny is a very successful, sought-after keynote speaker, and will be a perfect fit for your event.

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